View Full Version : Colts coaches T. Moore and H. Mudd officially retired

tony hipchest
05-15-2009, 06:26 PM
they lose something like 70 years of coaching experience (moore was nolls OC for the last 2 steeler sb's in the 70's) in addition to their head coach and ST coach who was fired.

thier retirement has to do with the NFL pension plan. i dont know all the details but i guess the nfl has given teams the rights to go out and form their own individual pension plans, and in some way this hurts the older coaches such as mudd and moore.

so far 9 teams have done this. there was some talk if this would force d. lebeau to do the same, but the steelers have not made the switch.

its not often a qb gets to have guys like these around his entire career. i wonder if manning is ready to step up, be HC, OC, OL coach and QB all at the same time.

i also wonder if the colts made this switch to force their hands and clean house.