View Full Version : Special offer on Roethlisberger "The Rookie" print through Big Ben News

05-15-2009, 08:15 PM
BigBenNews.com has asked me to let folks at Steelers Fever know about a limited time special offer. Here is a quote and the link.

This is the link on the forum if you are a member: http://bigbennews.com/forum/index.php?topic=8131.0

And the info is also on the main "News" page, here.: http://www.bigbennews.com/

Artist Robert Cherewick has released a special Artist's Reserve Edition of his popular sold-out print, "The Rookie" to fans of this site.

Each 11-1/2 x 14 print is autographed by Ben and is authenticated with Ben's own hologram and signed by the artist.

These limited-edition pieces were originally sold for $499 each, but readers can purchase the Reserve Edition for only $199.

This is a limited-time offer for a limited amount of prints!

This print would make a great addition to your Big Ben or Steelers autographed memorabilia collection or a great birthday, Father's Day or graduation gift! I have one and it is beautiful!

To read more about the print and this special offer as well as some "fun facts":