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05-31-2009, 06:39 PM
Earlier this year, an NFL head coach challenged me on something I said about an organization being "great."

He told me to crunch the numbers. So I did.
As a result, we have our first annual NFL organization rankings here on FOXSports.com

These were the suggested criteria for judgment from the head coach.

The intangibles category includes criteria ranging from fan support to stadiums and facilities to public relations staff. The coach who sparked this concept was adamant I include PR staffs within intangibles, with how they shape coach and player happiness and the fine line between perception and reality with fans and media.

The highest grade you can get in a category is a 10, with 1 being the lowest. Grades were given either as round numbers or with a ".5".

Remember, this is NOT a power ranking. I know that there are teams in the top 10 I won't pick for the playoffs.

So here you go, the first edition of a soon-to-be annual list.

1. New England Patriots
Final Score: 74.5
Bill Belichick is the best head coach in football. Tom Brady is the best quarterback in football. Bob Kraft is a fantastic owner who knows how to market his team while letting Belichick run everything dealing with football. New England got a 30 out of 30 for head coach, quarterback and owner. The league created what it thought was a dynasty-proof system with the salary cap, yet New England was able to dominate because of the structure established under Belichick and Kraft. The New England Patriots don't just top these rankings, they are the model franchise in all of professional sports.

•VIDEO: Behind Schein's insider grading on Patriots

2. Pittsburgh Steelers
Final Score: 71.5
The grade reflects the core Steeler value — toughness. The Rooney family is exceptional. Ben Roethlisberger has emerged as a top 4 quarterback. Mike Tomlin and his staff , led by the great Dick LeBeau, do an excellent job. Kevin Colbert doesn't get enough credit for how he runs the football department. The defense is nasty. And the omnipresent "Steeler Nation" that floods all stadiums comes pretty close to giving Pittsburgh 16 home games a year. Pittsburgh got a 10 for intangibles and owner and a for defense and quarterback.


Even though rankings are based on someone's opinion what does Steeler Nation have to say about this latest ranking?

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