View Full Version : Big Ben Helps Honor Boy, 11, Who Saved Brother's Life

06-07-2009, 10:54 AM
Big Ben Helps Honor Boy, 11, Who Saved Brother's Life
Days After Learning How To Call 911, Dayton Kessler Calls To Seek Help

POSTED: 6:35 pm EDT June 6, 2009

PITTSBURGH -- Dayton Kessler, 11, found it overwhelming Saturday when Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger presented him with a special award -- for saving his own brother's life.

First responders said Kessler learned about calling 911 in school, and a few days later, he had to use it to save his brother's life.

The award was given by Allegheny County Emergency Medical Services, whose officials said Kessler did a very brave thing. Last October, his brother was in desperate need of immediate help. So, Kessler did what he learned in school and called 911.

"He knew he needed help. He knew there was a situation that wasn't good in his household. (He) dialed 911, provided dispatchers with information they needed," said Mark Lovey, dispatcher. "So, what he did was actually save his brother's life."

"It's awesome. So many times we talk about heroes, but he is a true hero. He did what he learned," Roethlisberger said.

Kessler and his family got a chance to chat with the quarterback. Kessler was bashful and shy when asked how he felt about being called a hero by so many people.

"Good, I guess. I don't know," Kessler said.

Emergency Management Services stressed the importance of teaching kids at a very early age about the importance of know when to dial 911.

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