View Full Version : Pat Kirwan puts ESPN reporters in place in regards to Favre

tony hipchest
06-10-2009, 12:45 AM
espn broke the story that favre recently had shoulder surgery. 2 days ago ed werder also reported that the vikings had given brett a deadline of friday to declare whether he was coming back or not.

on his radio show kirwan simply stated that this was not true and was a made up story. ed werder was pretty much pissed and made a radio appearance to defend his story and sources.

on todays show kirwan clarified that he wasnt accusing the espn people of making up the story but their sources were.

kirwan says there is absolutely no deadline and that favre will most likely have a contract signed with the vikings around july 15.

tonight on sportscenter, werder attempts to save face and pretty much retract his story.

i always applaud kirwan for not making the news, as opposed to simply analyzing it. this time (in a candid radio moment) he got caught up and provided proof that his inside sources are more reliable than those given to the "media world".

welcome back favre.

The Duke
06-11-2009, 12:05 AM
Is it ever safe to believe ESPN? I only follow this favre reports from rotoworld and as soon as I see Ed werder or espn I just ignore it

Kirwan is really the best at what he does

another good reporter, Schefter from NFLN, is sadly rumored to be going to be espn :banging:

btw, Childress himself denied it too