View Full Version : Looking for Pit/Cle tickets Oct 18

06-20-2009, 09:43 AM

I'm from Toronto and missed getting any tickets this morning during the single game ticket sale.

I'm a 29 year Steeler fan and I have a son with autism - we went to our first ever game in Pittsburgh last year and he absolutely loved it!!!!

The Cleveland game is the only game we can get to this year (for many reasons, the distance being only one of them). I'm hoping that someone will be kind enough to offer their tickets at face value. It would be the highlight of the year for my son. I can't afford to pay the marked up prices in the secondary market.

The only other condition is that they can't be expensive seats. I can't pay more than $100 per ticket and even that's pushing it. We would be absolutely thrilled with nosebleeds!!!! I'm looking for 2, but if I could get 4 so we could bring a couple of friends that would be a bonus.

If anyone has tickets that would fit these parameters, please email me as I won't check back here very often, if at all. My email address is box189 at andreno dot com - obviously the "at" and "dot" should be replaced with the conventional email symbols.

Thanks in advance for your consideration,