View Full Version : McFarlane Sports Picks NFL Football Series 22

07-06-2009, 05:36 PM
here is a list of the new upcoming figures from McFarlane Sports Picks expected to be released in December 2009. this list was provided by http://www.toyrocket.com and is subject to change.


Matt Forte - Running Back - Chicago Bears
Matt Ryan - Quarterback - Atlanta Falcons
Adrian Peterson (2nd Edition) - Running Back - Minnesota Vikings
Chad Pennington - Quarterback - Miami Dolphins
Brandon Marshall - Wide Reciever - Denver Broncos (team pending)
Tom Brady (3rd Edition) - Quarterback - New England Patriots


honestly, i don't really mind this line up too much. i like the Matt Ryan and Adrian Peterson figures. i'm sure they'll be exciting to see. but a 3rd edition of Tom Brady? was that really neccesary? i think not. and instead of wasting the mold and paint on Brandon Marshall, why not aim for a Santonio Holmes figure? and where's the defense in this line up? no James Harrison?

i'm not trying to be a homer and say that McFarlane should put out Steelers in every line up. but the accomplishments our team has achieved this year and we still don't get the recognition in the form of one of the top selling collectibles of all time. sour grapes i tell you. haha!

granted, we did get 2 new editions for Troy Polamalu and a 3rd edition of Ben Roethlisberger this year, sometimes that isn't enough. i'd like to see a Casey Hampton, Brett Keisel, or Lamarr Woodley figure at some point. but then again, Chad Pennington is a much better pick.