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07-12-2009, 09:33 PM
Episcopal Bishops Make Good On Steelers/Penguin Sports Wagers
ANAHEIM, Calif. (KDKA) ―

Bishops Kirk Smith (left), & Wendell Gibbs (right), wear Steelers and Penguins caps at a meeting of the Episcopal Church's General Convention July 10, after losing wagers with Pittsburgh Bishop Robert Johnson (center) over the Super Bowl and Stanley Cup.

Bishops from the Episcopal Dioceses of Arizona and Michigan have fulfilled the terms of a friendly bet made with a Pittsburgh Bishop over the 2009 Steelers and Penguins championships.

Bishop Robert Johnson of Pittsburgh made a wager with Bishop Kirk Smith of Arizona when the Steelers went up against the Cardinals in Super Bowl XLIII.

And when the Pens headed for Detroit and a rematch with the Red Wings, Bishop Johnson made another bet with Michigan's Bishop Wendell Gibbs.

Of course, Bishop Johnson came out on top both times as the Steelers claimed their record sixth Super Bowl title and the Penguins brought home their third Stanley Cup.

This weekend, the three men were together for the Episcopal Church's General Convention in Anaheim, California.

So, Bishop Johnson presented Bishop Smith with some Steelers gear and a Terrible Towel, and he gave Bishop Gibbs some Penguins gear along with a white rally towel.

Also, as part of the football wager, Bishop Smith donated $100 to the charity of Bishop Johnson's choosing. But that money, as well as a matching amount from Johnson, was given to Bishop Gibbs.

In a press release, Bishop Johnson said, "Because the people of Detroit are suffering far worse in this economy, we thought that would be a much better use of Bishop Smith's money, and we're happy to help as well."

(And here I thought gambling was a sin. - mesa)

07-13-2009, 03:11 AM
Bishop Badger Bob Johnson!!!!!!

Galax Steeler
07-13-2009, 03:33 AM
It must not be a sin if it is the superbowl or stanley cup.:chuckle: