View Full Version : iPhone FFL Cheatsheet

07-18-2009, 02:39 PM
Two buddies and I created an iPhone app to replace paper cheatsheets. It is called Studs & Duds Fantasy Football Draft Kit. We have overall player rankings, positional rankings, bye week warnings, view of players drafted, and a wish list parking lot for players you might want to draft. It keeps track of your team and players taken by others.

We just released the first version but are looking for feedback on the type of items you would want to see in an app that you can't get on paper. We want to include these items in the next release but sometimes you get blinded by your own work.

What kind of information is important to you when you're drafting?

Some ideas we've kicked around:
-Ability to type in notes about a player your are interested in drafting
-Eliminating a player you don't like from your draft list
-The ability to plug in the number of teams in your league and your draft position and run a mock draft.

Any feedback is appreciated. I can post some screen shots if it helps.