Galax Steeler
07-24-2009, 03:40 AM
From Wayne Singer in New York: How is the college life different than the pros?
Keenan Lewis: In college you had to go to classes and study and all of that. In the pros its just football so its been pretty cool so far.

From J.P. Hanley in Ohio: Is there a player in the NFL right now that you would compare yourself to?
Keenan Lewis: I would say Ike Taylor, a big physical cornerback. He can stop the run, play with aggression. That is part of my game.

From Matt Morris in California: What is it like to have Dick LeBeau as you defensive coordinator?
Keenan Lewis: Its like a dream come true working with that guy. You cant ask for more. I watch the schemes he sets up. He is a defensive genius. He looks at me like a son and I take that as an honor.

From Annie Dewitt in Louisiana: You got to know Ike Taylor before coming here. Can you talk about that?
Keenan Lewis: I have known him for a while and I am a big fan of his. He is from New Orleans. I have been watching him for a couple of years. A lot of people have compared me to him since high school. Having an opportunity to work with him and him taking me under his wing is a blessing for me.

From Marcus Henderson in Pennsylvania: Do you see yourself having a role on special teams and how important will that be for you?
Keenan Lewis: They will definitely play a role. Coach emphasized special teams a lot. When I walked through that door he told me the key was going to be on special teams and that is what I look forward to doing.

From Louis Ford in Ohio: Is your run support something you take pride in?
Keenan Lewis: I do. I am a big, physical corner and play aggressively. Run support is important. Its not just about passes. If you cant make tackles the team isnt going to win. I take pride in it.

From Rich Fisher in Michigan: What are you other strengths?
Keenan Lewis: I am big, I can turn and run, I can match up with big receivers and I can make plays.

From Marty White in West Virginia: What areas of your game would you like to work on?
Keenan Lewis: Learning how to play lower and coming out of my breaks better. Those are the things I will be working on.


07-24-2009, 08:53 AM
I have a really good feeling about Lewis, once he gets the system down I think he will be a real asset on special teams and on D-fense.