View Full Version : Steelers to Ben poem CODENAME: gold digger

07-26-2009, 08:51 AM

she wants Big Ben's money
with only a clerks salary
she's in need
a triflin girl
a triflin girl indeed

1 year past by
no rape charge reported
must have been some
good cocain-a
that McNutjob snorted
now I AM saying
she's a gold digger
out of bed she's
hoping Ben's wallets bigger
right before camp?
timing there tramp

the sound on the
TV was broken?
what a c**kamamie story
hell pass me
you're smokin

yes conspiracy I tell ya!
9 people were named
to get some moolah
someone had to be blamed

now if somehow she pulls
off this monetary burglary
might I suggest
some plastic surgery

see Big Ben doesn't need
to steal the pooty
he can get plenty for free
from women who look
a helluva lot better
than Andrea McNutty

a real rape victim
would get plenty
of sympathy from me
but this womans a
gold digger
thats easy to see

Steelers fans
we stand behind
Big Ben
we believe
in that
this Civil case
he'll win

I hope Ben
counter sues !
character defamation
when you
f**k with Big Ben
you f**k with a Nation