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Play Without Fear
08-01-2009, 03:49 PM

Play Without Fear
proudly presents the

Champions Bleed Black N Gold T-Shirt. It’s a one of a kind shirt that honors the Penguins and Steelers; one sleeve has our version of Steeler Nation and the other a bad ass King Penguin, on the back is our logo which was inspired by Mario Lemieux’s text message to his players the night before they won the cup along with Sid the skull (no relation to Sidney Crosby) we just needed a name for him and we liked Sid. The shirt is quality Discharged printed to give it that smooth feel and is also distressed in Appearance, as we wanted it to look battle tested because we know the Steelers and Penguins both went through war to become Champions of the World. We are die hard Steelers and Penguins fans and designed the shirt for others who bleed black n gold.

Please check out the shirt at http://playwithoutfear.com/ (http://playwithoutfear.com)and while you are there visit our blog, social space page and photo sections.