View Full Version : Why Airplanes Are Easier To Live With Than Women.

08-04-2009, 10:46 AM
*Why Airplanes Are Easier To Live With Than Women.*

* 1. Airplanes usually kill you quickly - a woman takes her time.*
* 2. Airplanes can be turned on by a flick of a switch.*
* 3. Airplanes don't get mad if you do a "touch and go."*
* 4. Airplanes don't object to a preflight inspection.*
* 5. Airplanes come with manuals to explain their operation.*
* 6. Airplanes have strict weight and balance limitations.*
* 7. Airplanes can be flown any time of the month.*
* 8. Airplanes don't come with in-laws.*
* 9. Airplanes don't care about how many other airplanes you've flown before.*
*10. Airplanes and pilots both arrive at the same time.*
*11. Airplanes don't mind if you look at other airplanes.*
*12. Airplanes don't mind if you buy airplane magazines.**
*13. Airplanes expect to be tied down.**
*14. Airplanes don't comment on your piloting skills.*
*15. Airplanes don't whine unless something is really wrong.*

However, when airplanes go quiet, just like women, it's usually not

08-24-2009, 05:26 AM