View Full Version : New coaster to take Turnpike ride's spot at Kennywood

Galax Steeler
08-12-2009, 12:08 PM
Kennywood amusement park announced plans for a new multi-million-dollar roller coaster to open next May.

The steel roller coaster, yet to be named by the park, will launch riders from 0 to 50 mph in less than three seconds using magnetic propulsion technology known as a linear synchronous motor.

The 65-second ride offers two, 90-degree ascensions and drops, three inversions, a corkscrew and multiple "cliffhangers" -- which leave riders feeling weightless at the top of a hill. Riders will be immediately launched into a vertical 95-foot climb rather than a traditional slow climb up the first hill.

The 2,100-foot track will replace the Turnpike ride, which has been in its spot near the park's entrance since 1966.

"Guests aren't saying goodbye to the Turnpike, just saying 'see you later,' " public relations manager Jeff Filicko said in a press conference at the park today. The park will bring the Turnpike back sometime after the 2010 season to a different location.

The new ride's location is also the location of Kennywood's first roller coaster, the Figure Eight -- later known as the Gee Whizz Dip the Dips -- built in 1902.


There is a picture of it on this web address

Woooooo Hoooo it looks like alot of fun can't wait.

08-12-2009, 01:13 PM
Im gonna have to make a trip up there. I won 4 free tickets from the local radio station but gave them to my buddy who'sin the army to take his kids up. I figured after fighting in Iraq for a year a day at an amusement park with his 3 kids is what he needs.

08-12-2009, 07:10 PM
Cool! I remember waiting in line for the Steel Phantom & seeing someone getting carried out on a stretcher! By the time I make it back up there I'll be able to go for a ride!:thumbsup:

08-13-2009, 05:27 AM
I remember when I was in high school I almost got kicked out of kennywood for firing up a ciggy on the turnpike :sofunny: It's too bad they have to take it out to add something new, but that's how it goes. I've always had this wild fantasy of Kennywood expanding the park into the parking lots across 837 to make room for new coasters and what not. I know it'll never happen, but a man can dream. Anyways, at least it's gonna be nice to check out the new coaster next year.