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08-12-2009, 05:21 PM
Steelers Unveil 6th Super Bowl Column

The Pittsburgh Steelers revealed their sixth Super Bowl championship column at Heinz Field Tuesday.

Fans gathered at the Coca-Cola Great Hall.

"We're here to see what everybody in the world wishes they could be here to see the unveiling of the No. 6 baby," one excited fan told KDKA-TV.

"It's unbelievable to see this many trophies in one room and like we've been saying, there's only one place in the country you can see this so it's pretty exciting and our fans are really excited to be here and help unveil the sixth column," Steelers President Art Rooney II said.

It wasn't easy for the Steelers on the road to getting their sixth championship, but Kevin Colbert, director of football operations, said he had a feeling it would work out.

"I think there were certain points during the season. We had some big plays in the Dallas game, the Baltimore game in Baltimore - you started to get a special feeling that this was going to be a great group of players and it turned out to be that way," he said.

Rooney says it's hard to choose his favorite moment of the season.

"I guess I have to go with Troy's interception here at Heinz Field to get us in the Super Bowl," he said.

"The most special moment of that season was winning the AFC Championship game at Heinz Field and having all these fans get to experience that great feeling - that was special," Colbert said.

Meantime, members of Steeler Nation who made the trip to Heinz Field to see all six trophies were in awe.

"Beautiful. I want to be here for the next let's say five that we get," Richard Papale, from Cleveland, said.

Dave Thedford and his family traveled all the way from Texas.

"Fourteen-hundred miles, come down here to see training camp and see my Steelers play on Thursday night," he said.

The event included more than celebrating the hardware. There were activities for kids and live musical performances. Singer/songwriter Billy Ray Cyrus, a Steelers fan, headlined.

"I just love it. I love being a part of the Steeler Nation and this is a great opportunity to come out, celebrate with the fans the greatest fans in the world and to be apart of this day knowing this is one of the greatest legacies of all sports the Pittsburgh Steelers and to celebrate all the Super Bowls 'til now and knowing that they got a good chance for one this fall," he said.

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