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08-14-2009, 08:18 PM
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Friday, August 14, 2009

Post-Arizona thoughts
I guess we can finally put the Michael Vick to the Steelers garbage to rest.

Cripes, ESPN spent a good five minutes talking about it during their pre-game show. Are they that stupid?

Limas Sweed stepped up nicely on the big stage. The 45-yard catch from Charlie Batch was a nice adjustment, but his 11-yard catch from Ben Roethlisberger on third-and-10 in the first quarter was better. He went up and snatched that ball out of the air with relative ease.

The drop on third down later in the game was regrettable, but remember, he's replacing Nate Washington, who had his share of drops as well.

I'd like to see more burst out of Rashard Mendenhall, but I thought he ran reasonably hard as well.

Mendenahll did have a nice two-yard run on third-and-short in the first quarter. If he can just fill that role he'll help this team out.

Welcome back Daniel Sepulveda.

Sepulveda got a big cheer when he came onto the field the first time and again after his first punt went 46 yards and Antrell Rolle was forced to call for a fair catch.

James Farrior joked after the game that Sepulveda was going to hurt the defense because he was going to give opposing offenses more field to work with.

James Harrison played just two possessions and had three tackles and three assists. Had he played the entire game, that works out to about a 24-tackle effort. And that was with Kurt Warner throwing the ball 10 times.

It kind of gives you an idea that Arizona wasn't exactly throwing the ball down the field against the first-team defense.

The Steelers had better get used to that. Teams are going to dink and dunk them in an attempt to keep those two outside linebackers from killing their quarterback.

Isaac Redman is a hard runner but did you notice those blocks that Tank Summers was throwing for him as a lead blocker?

Summers also had a couple of tackles on special teams. I was among those who didn't think Summers could push Carey Davis off the roster. I still think it's a stretch.

But Summers showed me Thursday he might be able to do it.

Summers showed some chops as a special teams coverage guy as well.

I asked Redman after the game which was better, his 99-yard run at Bowie State or his three-yard TD on his first NFL carry - albeit in the preseason.

He said the three-yard TD.

Hard to believe the Steelers were his only option coming out of school, but then again, he wasn't on the field much in his final two seasons because of injuries and grades.

For my Washington County wrestling fans, Redman was a 215-pound state champion in New Jersey.

The coaching staff couldn't have been happy to see Joe Burnett fumble his first punt return. He rebounded nicely.

One of these days the quarterbacks will learn to throw the ball to Mike Wallace when he's running a fly pattern when he's 10 yards off the line of scrimmage. Throw it as far as you can and let him run under it.

After a shaky start, Dennis Dixon got better as the game went on. He needed that because he's been struggling a bit at Saint Vincent College.

Bruce Davis had an interception off a deflection and also got some pressure on the QB. But his best play was a special teams tackle in the second quarter. He's got to contribute there, something he did not do in 2008.
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