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01-16-2006, 11:07 AM
There is a AFC Champ chat with Jeremy Green on ESPN sportsnation right now... :helmet:

01-16-2006, 11:37 AM
Whada know... He picked Denver

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http://forums.denverbroncos.com/ visit their forum and have at it!!

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Here is the transcript

Buzzmaster: We're going to be breaking down the NFL's version of the Final Four, so send those questions and join us Monday at noon for the answers!

Jeremy Green: Hi everyone. What another whacky day of football. We can only hope the Officiating crews from both the AFC games this past weekend are suspended and not allowed to do the game this weekend between Pitt-Den. And the guys that did the NFC games weren't much better for that matter. Lets talk Steelers-Broncos.

tom/ Latrobe,PA: Seeing that Plummer is a better passer when running outside the pocket.Will the steelers need to back off blitzing him so much?He's the complete oppisite of Manning who can't throw on the run.

Jeremy Green: I think Pittsburgh will still blitz, but I think they will bring the majority of their pressure wide from the outside. Unlike Manning, they want to keep Plummer in the pocket where he is less comfortable.

Miguel / Michigan: Pittsburgh came out passing against the Colts, which was an excellent game plan. Against the Broncos, is there a particular game plan for either team, or do you believe both teams will come out running up the gut?

Jeremy Green: I beleive both teams will come out and throw the ball early. Both teams will be very emotional and that is where a defense can get over-aggressive in coverage. I also think both teams will want to throw to soften up the other defense and open up the run game.

NIck Northampton: Why does Jerome Bettis, whom I like, celebrate after every run he makes regardless of distance or present impact on the game?

Jeremy Green: Becasue it gets every other player on offense "jacked" up when he comes rumbling through the hole.

Dan (Denver): These two teams seem even in just about every area. Who's got the edge in special teams?

Jeremy Green: Yes, I agree and they are pretty even on special teams too. Pittsburgh has the better return units and Denver has the better cover units. The kicing game is a slight edge to the Bronocs.

Dave/ Blairsville,PA: Do you think that Pittsburgh will be able to take out Anderson/Bell and make Plummer try and beat us with his arm?

Jeremy Green: It's hard to completely take away the Denver run game. They didn't have a lot of success last week, but I thought it was more from lack of calling run plays than New England just taking it away. Denver will generate some run game, but ultimately this game wil come down to the QB's and which one can make the plays at the end of the game.

Peter (traverse city MI): After the season will the Detroit lions sign the steelers O-Line coach?

Jeremy Green: Yes, Russ Grimm is the clear front runner to be the Lions next Head Coach. I like the move too - he will bring a lot of toughness to that Lions team.

Nick/ Georgia: Why is it that every analyst said that there was no chance for Pittsburgh to win, now that they did all they can talk about is how Indy lost, not how the Steelers won?

Jeremy Green: It appears that way. A lot of credit has to go to Pittsburgh though. I thought one of the biggest keys to their win was not even waht happened between the lines. Cowher and his staff clearly out-coached Dungy and his staff.... hands down.

Sean/Raleigh, NC: Did the referee correctly interpret the rules on the interception that wasn't in the Pitts. - Indy. game.

Jeremy Green: The official did interrup the rule as it wass written, that is why the Polamalu INT doesn't bother me that much. The bizzare call for me was the re-do after Indy was in the neutral zone. Hey Faneca moved but if you don't call it you clearly have to say Indy was in the neutral zone. As to the Polamalu pick - the rule was interrupted correctly and like the "tuck rule" will be adjusted this off-season.

chad (Denver): Why is it that every analyst said that there was no chance for Denver to win, now that they did all they can talk about is how New England lost, not how the Broncos won?

Jeremy Green: I picked Denver last week in this same chat.

Dave/Indiana: Do you think the death of Tony Dungy's Son effected the chemestry and overall performance of the colts after the tradgic incident occured?

Jeremy Green: No, I think their were three things that affected them. First Pittsburgh got great pressure. Second they took away Edge and just like in past big games Indy has lost, when Edge is not a factor they lose. Thirdly, the layoff was too long. They had not played a meaningful game since they benched all their starters over a month ago.

Brian (Pittsburgh): Jeremy, do you think the no off-side call was the worst miss? Or the disgustingly blatant PI non-call on M Jackson covering (tackling) Randle El?

Jeremy Green: The P.I. call was terrible, but a least that is somewhat subjective. The off sides is not subjective - they had 3 guys standing in the neutral zone. Plus there is no such thing as a re-do... this isn't weekend golf with your buddies where they may give you a mulligan off the first tee.

Eric Lambert San Diego: Will it be loud enough for pittsburgh to go to the silent count at denver?

Jeremy Green: Yes, Pittsburgh will hae to go with the silent count again. They should be able to handle the crowd noise because they did a solid job in Indy vs. a much more fearsome pass rush.

Arnold (Irvine, CA): A clarification on the Polamalu INT: So if Polamalu doesn't try to get up and stays on the ground, it's an INT? It was ruled incomplete because he tried to get up?

Jeremy Green: If he would have stayed down and been touched on the ground the play would have been an int. Technically he never made a "football move" because when he got up the ball was knocked out of his hands by his knee.

Scott (Denver, CO): What are the odds of Joey Porter saying more stupid inflammatory stuff going in to the AFC Championship?

Jeremy Green: Oh, that is going to happen. Pittsburgh likes to try to be the intimidator and Porter leads that charge. The talking will begin about mid-week.

Shane/Virginia: So you're telling me a "football move" in that instance would have been laying on the ground???

Jeremy Green: No, but if he is touched, he is down and no "football move" needs to be made. This is why the RULE is idiotic.

Eddie (Seattle): What is the significance (if any) of the fact that Denver is undefeated at home this year - Is this reflective of a strong homefield advantage or just a fluke?

Jeremy Green: It is huge becasue these are two teams that want to try to do similar things. They are pretty even across the board so home field is a big factor for Denver even though Pittsburgh has pl;yed well on the road.

Joel (PA): Everyone points out that Jake Plummer is not as comfortable in the pocket, but I think he ia much improved this season. He rarely rolled out in the Patriots game. How do you think he will do against a much better Pittsburgh secondary?

Jeremy Green: I thought he looked very uncomfortable in the first half last week from the pocket. I thought Denver out-caoched themsleves in the first half coming off a bye. In the 2nd half they got him outside more and he played much better.

Jeremy Green: I will make my pick in 4 minutes and then you guys can rip for it over the last 30 minutes.

Dave (Minneapolis): I know you can't answer this really but ... how does Vanderjagt miss that kick by a few thousand yards to the right. Bad hold? Bad approach? It all looked clean. Is this just a choke? Does it affect his future with the team?

Jeremy Green: Oh, I can answer it. It was a choke, no question. Everything looked good except his nerves. One of the biggest things a kicker does when he is nervous is pull his head up to quickly and he clearly did that.

Steven (Nashville): Why didn't the Colts use Edge more to take some of the pressure off of Manning. Seems like the didn't use him enough

Jeremy Green: That has always been the M.O. of the Colts though. When they fall behind by 7-10 points the way they play would make you believe they were down 17+.

01-16-2006, 02:47 PM
Here's the rest

Brett /Dallas: No one has mentioned the apparent lane Harper had to the outside on his fumble recovery. If he fakes inside Roethlisberger has to make a 180 degree turn, game over.

Jeremy Green: That is a great point Brett. I was talking to Tom Jackson about that last night. There is no reason to cut back right there - stay outside. Great effort by Big Ben though.

Jeremy Green: Ok my pick. I went with Denver last week and I am sticking with them. They are 9-0 at home. I like their ability to run the ball. Pittsburgh has an excellent run D, but they are a little overagressive at times and I think Denver may find something with the cut-back run. Denver has an excellent offensive line - more athletic than Indy's and that will help in blitz pick up. I think with time, Plummer has a chance to make some plays down field vs. Pittsburgh's average corners. Denver wins it in a nail-biter.

Travis (Louisville, KY): which secondary is more poised to stop the other QB?

Jeremy Green: I think this is the one are of the game where Denver has a clear advantage. Both have one great player in Polamalu and Bailey. I Like the way Denver's young corners Foxworth and Williams have played and Lynch is a veteran who has been in these situations before. This is the one area where there is a solid edge for Denver.

Mod Brighton,CO: As strange as it sounds, I believe the Steelers are actually happy about having to play on the road. What is the great mystery behind there appearant "home field disadvantave"?

Jeremy Green: I agree with you. It takes the pressure off Pittsburgh to go on the road. They had nothing to lose in Indy because everyone outside of Steeler fans picked the Colts anyways.

Chris (Maryland): Cmon Jeremy! If the Pitt defense can confuse and get to manning, you know Plummer will eventually crack and slip back into his Arizona ways.

Jeremy Green: See I see it opposite. Manning blamed the O-line but maybe his lineman should tell him to stop changing every play and block scheme at the line of scrimmage. Indy's O-line had some confusion, but he (Manning) should take some blame for that.

Dave (Elizabethtown, PA): You mentioned this will be a nail-biter to the end. Will this come down to who wants it more?

Jeremy Green: No, because these are two passionate organizations with excellen head coaches. Both teams will want it. It is going to come down to which QB can make the plays down the stretch and I am going to go with Plummer this week.

Pat (Chicago): Interesting point about this matchup, and the reason I think the Steelers will win: The Broncos entire D-line are former Cleveland Browns. Not only have the Steelers seen these guys before, they've completely shredded them for the last few years.

Jeremy Green: You can't compare it though. Same defensive linemen in a different scheme. Every one of those guys has played better than when they were in Cleveland.

Shawn (Denver, CO): How do you think Jakes mobility will affect the Pitt blitz?

Jeremy Green: It will force them to come a little more wide. If you are to tight to say the TE or OT, Plummer can get outside. I think you want to take it very wide so when Jake has to move it is up into the pocket instead of to the outside where he is much more effective.

joe: Ike Taylor shut down BOTH Chad Johnson and Marvin Harrison, do you really think he is just average???

Jeremy Green: No, he is better than average. Polamalu is a stud. Hope and Townsend are average at best.

Michael (Phoenix, AZ): What will Denver;s answer be to Steelers' TE Miller?

Jeremy Green: Denver's LB's have great speed. You can't say this about many teams, but they actually cover better than their two Safeties Lynch and Ferguson. I think they keep Lynch in a blitz role where he is out of coverage and use a combination of Ian Gold and DJ Williams. Both of those guy athletically can stick with Miller when they are in man coverage.

Kurt (Salt Lake City): Denver your pick? Thats O.K. everyone has been picking against the Steelers so far why not you too. You say average corners with the Steelers but those average corners did an exelent job against Manning and Co.

Jeremy Green: Yes, because of the blitz pressure they were able to get. Denver's offensive line is much more athletic than Indy's. They have a very good zone blocking scheme so I think they will be able to sort out and pass off those blitzes. When Pittsbugh has not been able to get pressure their secondary has been exposed this season. Heck even Harrington exposed them when they finished that game with 1 sack.

KC (Boulder): Jeremy...you have been knocking the Steelers all season. Did you have something to do with the Polamalu no-call interception? I suppose if the Steelers win in Denver, you will pick the NFC representative in the SB...

Jeremy Green: You guys are hilarious. Because I picked Indy last week, does not mean I ahve been against Pittsburgh all season. I do recall picking them to beat Cincy.... short memories.

Ankou (Toronto, Ontario): What every one is talking about is how Mike Shannahan out coached himself in the first half. But as a coach who wants to win superbowl you have to make plays that change the pace of the game. Do you think that Coach Shannahan will keep it conservative against a stout Steelers Defense?

Jeremy Green: I think they will go back to what got them to 13-3. How conservative they are will depend on how well they run the ball early. If they are able to establish the run, they will be less conservative and take more chances with the deep ball. If they are in a lot of 3rd and longs, they will stay conservative and be willing to punt and win the field position battle.

Mike, NY: Green, where the hell did you learn how to write?? You misspell everything. Take you time, go slooooww. idiot!

Jeremy Green: No, I can spell, i just can't type. I should slow down, but then I wouldn't get to enough questions..sorry

Josh (Ohio): How do you think Bens mobility will affect Denvers game plan

Jeremy Green: I think Denver would like to bring more pressure off the edge too and get Ben to step up into the pocket. The great thing about Ben is his strength in the pocket. He can shed tackles and still get rid of the ball with excellent velocity.

Jeremy Green: Ok guys. Thanks for the great comments. I am sticking with the Bronocs. I have to throw it over to Matt Willamson of Scouts Inc, so he can break down the NFC game now.

01-16-2006, 02:56 PM
I honestly feel better when the "experts" continue to go against the Steelers...

01-16-2006, 03:00 PM
I honestly feel better when the "experts" continue to go against the Steelers...

Agreed... Being the favorites sure worked for the Colts last week! :helmet:

Justin Otstott
01-16-2006, 03:03 PM
yea i love being the under-dog!!!