View Full Version : A few thoughts

08-22-2009, 11:16 PM
Mendy looked pretty good tonight. I know alot of you were worried about his mediocr performances early last year and his first pre-season, but he looked strong tonight, and he's showing signs of progressing.

I'm still pulling for Wallace as the number 3, and he closed back up the gap that formed between him and Sweed last week. He's shown the best progression as a rookie receiver that I can remember. Still, Sweed has outperformed my expectations to date. I can't remember a wide receiver corps this strong.

Logan's the man.

Burnett's not.

I was a little taken aback by the opening drive of the Skins after what would have been a three and out. Still, not too concerned as they are a talented group of starters, they just have no depth. As soon as they get a couple of injuries, they fall apart.

Overall, our first string offense did fine without having Ben in. Gotta remember that the Skins were a top 5 defense last year, and only improved with the additions of Fat Albert, Orapko, and having Hall through the end of last season and this entire pre-season.

Dixon vs. Batch? Still going with Batch, but Dixon's progressing nicely, and I wouldn't be scared to death if a game or two came down to him.