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01-16-2006, 02:58 PM
ESPN Link (http://sports.espn.go.com/espn/page2/story?page=gallo/060116)

This article had me in tears! I love this guy's sense of humor...

01-16-2006, 03:09 PM
pretty funny!!!

tony hipchest
01-16-2006, 03:17 PM
this parts great!:

Convinced by Joey Porter's mid-week comments that play-action is "cowardly," the Broncos' offense struggles throughout the game. They are able to stay within striking distance, however, due to three Troy Polamalu interceptions that are overturned thanks to an obscure NFL rule requiring an interceptor to possess the ball for at least 75 seconds if he has long hair. Steelers 27, Broncos 17.

R.I.P. Patriots Dynasty

And finally, it wouldn't be right to finish this column without congratulating the Patriots for their remarkable run, while at the same time bidding adieu to their dynasty.

Patriots Dynasty, 4, of New England, died January 14, 2006 at Invesco Field in Denver. Dynasty was born on January 19, 2002 to the Tuck Rule in Foxborough, Mass., and was confirmed weeks later at Super Bowl XXXVI. Surviving are a loving media and a large, but rapidly emptying bandwagon. Services will be held in the form of commemorative books and DVDs. In lieu of flowers, please stop disrespecting them.

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01-16-2006, 03:19 PM
Funny!! But so true in alot of ways

01-16-2006, 03:22 PM
Funny stuff there :smile:

01-16-2006, 03:30 PM
lol, nice read

01-16-2006, 03:45 PM
Well, I have to give him a dirty look for the shot at Bettis choking, but other than that...it's a riot!

01-16-2006, 06:44 PM
Funny stuff right there.

01-16-2006, 07:51 PM
This is some funny shit!

3 to be 4
01-16-2006, 10:13 PM
we'll be back. picture Dr.Evil at the end of the first Austin Powers,freezing in his spaceship
"I'll get you....National Football League"

01-17-2006, 12:22 AM
That was funny....well most of it anyway.

01-17-2006, 09:00 AM
1. I can't be positive, but when referee Pete Morelli went under the instant replay hood to look at Troy Polamalu's interception, I bet Paul Tagliabue came on the screen and said: "Yeah, I'm going to need you to overturn this and call it an incompletion, mmmkay? See, we really want the Colts to make the Super Bowl, mmmkay? So just say he never had possession. Try an explanation with the term 'football move' in it, mmkay? Nobody knows what that means."

This dude is stealing my material!

01-19-2006, 10:05 AM
Classic about Tagliabue appearing on the replay monitor!!

01-19-2006, 12:45 PM
That is funny stuff!

He's also got it right........Ed Hochuli is "DA MAN".