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08-25-2009, 08:27 AM
This ad ran in my local paper recently (and it probably ran in yours, too), and I'd like to get people's takes on this. It is VERY long, but seems to sum up the conservative oppositions position on a great many issues fairly succinctly.

What I'm looking for is:
A) What do the conservatives think about the ad in general, and would you join this organization?
B) Does anyone know who is behind this organization? It's too well funded to be putting full page ads in 100 of the nations biggest newspapers to be true grass roots.
C) I'd like INFORMED opinion form the left on some of the assertions put forth in the ad. I DON'T want to hear "Bu-bu-bu-Bush", or placing blame on the GOP for this that and the other, I'd like to hear some serious and factual retorts.

Here is the ad:

08-25-2009, 08:35 AM
I haven't personally seen the ad in our newspapers here in the Burgh, but I read both The Post-Gazette and The Tribune Review online.

I'm pretty much a moderate (with a few conservative leanings) and quite honestly, I wouldn't join this organization simply because they come across as right wing kooks to me, especially after taking a gander at their website:


It's not that I disagree with SOME of the things they state - I just think they sound somewhat crazed in their advertisement. :screwy:

08-25-2009, 09:04 AM
Not really coming from the left, but that's a pathetic ad.

24 of the top 25 subprime lenders were not subject to the CRA. A lot of those subprime lenders popped up to take advantage of the bubble market--why worry about a borrower's income and credit record if housing prices are going up as fast as they were in California? Especially if you can sell the mortgage to someone else and leave them holding the bag when the bubble finally bursts.

Half the nation's foreclosures are in just 35 counties. Those counties are either in bubble markets like California, Nevada, Arizona, and Florida, or in places that have suffered massive job losses like MIchigan. If the CRA were the sole culprit or even the main problem, it would be more widespread.

08-25-2009, 06:05 PM
I gave it a 2nd look because you asked us to. If i saw it in the paper, I would have not even paid attention. I tried to read it, but was completely disinterested when I saw the "top culprits."

I'm tired of blame and ready for solutions.

tony hipchest
08-25-2009, 10:08 PM
not bad at all for utter rubbish.

capitalism at its finest, and what sells better than fear? after all this "ad" just pushes a whole bunch of rhetoric and propoganda that has been heard a million times before. it is definitely targeting a specific audience (the rush limbaugh/glenn beck etc. followers).

so what do i get for my $100 donation? a membership card to the "angry republicans club"? maybe a pamphlet or two a year spewing the exact same rhetoric and reminding me to vote?

You can now do something
to counter this effort
to change the United States
from capitalism to socialism.
You can join the U.S.
Citizens Association. Your
contributions will go to educating
the public with
truthful information such
as that presented above. :rolleyes:
You will also get information
that will make you an
Empowered Citizen. :chuckle: See
the sign up form on this

n I wish to donate.
Enclosed is $___________ in:
n Cash n Check n Money Order
(Make check payable to U.S. Citizens Association)
or charge my:
n VISA n MasterCard n Am. Exp./Optima n Discover/Novus
Account No. __________________ Exp. Date ___/___
Signature __________________________________

great question.... who is behind this "organization".?

i would say a disgruntled republican (or small group) who had the capital and entrepreneurial idea to try and cash in on the current political climate.

in fact, i wouldnt even be suprised if some democrats looking to cash in were behind this.

i dont know what it costs to run a full page ad in a paper for the town the size of akron, or albuquerque etc. but it cant be more than $100,000 right?

by my math, 10 mil would buy 100 ads. this is how i would do it.

take the 2 largest towns in 50 states with under 500,000 population. (perhaps not run ads in states such as SD or AK or heavilly democratic regions, and spend that money running ads in 4 towns in another state. whatever.

all it takes is a million people to send 10 bucks or 10 million to donate a dollar.

pretty good gamble. either way you break even. spend 10 cents or so for bulk postage of a pamphlet once a year and you are almost assured to make a profit, an uphold your end of what was "advertised".

pretty good scam if you ask me. :thumbsup:

an no, even if i were a republican, i wouldnt join (i saw through the scheme immediately). if this ad were genuinely sincere, wouldnt they be asking for all contributions to go to the RNC? :hunch:

It is VERY long, but seems to sum up the conservative oppositions position on a great many issues fairly succinctly.

revs... did you run this ad? :chuckle:

08-25-2009, 11:54 PM
The first thing I noticed was that they assigned ZERO culpability to Bush and certain Republicans who pretty much were in on "bail-outs". Generally I agree that a lot of the legislation being pushed right now IS heading us down the road to socialism and bankrupty. But Bush is by no means without blame of heading us down a bad path. Bush basically said "to save the free market system, I had to turn my back on free market principals". WTF ?!! Bail-outs opened the door for the government to step in and run the corporations and banks that took government money.

I read the whole thing and it would take all night to go point by point where they are right - and their assesment of the issues is fairly accurate - and where they are off base - not recognizing Republicans part in some of the mess- but nah, I wouldn't join this organization....would like to find out who is behind it, though.

08-26-2009, 12:27 AM
One addendum to my previous post.....they rightly point out that unions and groups like ACORN, MOVEON.ORG and other special interest groups have a lot of pull and are the "foot soldiers" in the Democratic party but they failed to point out that big business is calling a lot of the shots inside the Republican party. :noidea: Guess that would've kinda defeated the purpose of that ad though.

08-26-2009, 08:13 AM
No, I did not run this ad, nor do I espouse all the views of it. HOWEVER, on some issues, they were spot on, like man-made global warming being a myth and some of the aspects of healtcare...

08-27-2009, 05:33 PM
Actually, I never got what I was looking for here, but there were a couple good contributions.

I thought the most important thing was that there is still a very strong, well funded and mobile far right element at work in this country, and they apparently still have a voice that hasn't been silenced by the left. That's good and healthy and to be desired...and should at least temporarily mute the "panic" cries from the right about Obama stifling opposition....

Well, you know, at least for now...ask me again about this in 2012...