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Speaking of Tom Brady's another dramatic go-downs during the game thing & all these threads, reminded me of this post. :rofl:

I hate Tom Brady

By john ē Oct 15th, 2007 ē Category: new england patriots, tom brady

Iím not affraid to admit it. Actually Iím going to stand up and yell like everyone else outside of the New England region. Itís not fair Iíll say, it canít all be legit. I saw them get busted for cheating. Yea that is going to make me feel a little better. He thinks he is Godís gift to women, he thinks he is Godís gift to football. He thinks he IS God sometimes. :thumbsup: I really hate this guy.

Letís face it theres a ton of reasons to hate this guy. First of all does anyone actually remember Tom Brady starting any games at Michigan? I had to check but I guess he did sit on the bench for a few seasons as he watched Brian Griese win a national title in 1997. Brady started seventh on the depth chart and even cried about wanting to transfer before he was given a chance. What a freakin baby. Brady had the great honor ofbradyhit.jpg starting for the Wolverines in the Cirtus Bowl and Orange Bowl in 1998 and 1999 respectfully. Michigan lost 5 games in his 25 starts with them.

Know what really pisses me off. He thinks he so great that when he getís knocked down he doesnít even find a need to get up. He waits for one of his offensive linemen to pull him up. :noidea: Wow talk about convince. Heís given way too much praise for being on a good team and frankly heís having sex with everyones mom. Plus you do a search for Tom Brady on images. You wonít find many of him playing football and itís next to impossible to find one of him being hit or sacked. I found this one only after searching for nearly 10 minutes. Plus the first time I saved it I lost it on my computer. I bet Tom Brady has installed spy ware on my machine. Heís probably also the one sending me those penis pill emails.


Tom Brady wasnít even picked until the seventh round in the 2000 draft. Hell the front office was even considering Tim Rattay over him. I bet this really put some poop in his corn flakes. Yea no one would give a crap about Tom Brady if the New England Patriots had of made the choice to pick Rattay. :hatsoff: You freaking jerks maybe I should be talking about why I hate the New England Patriots. Gosh I hate the New England Patriots.

The Patriots sucked by this time. hahahahah. Old recliner quarterback Drew Bledsoe was on his way to leading the team to another respectable record under .500. Things were going to be great. Yea almost. The stupid New York Jets decided to get involved. They had to freaking hit Drew Bledsoe late as he was going out of bounds in a game the Jets easily won. Stupid idiots. You set man kind back like 10 years. Thanks and not to mention you havenít done much to stop Tom Brady the last 7 years. Freaking IDIOTS.

It getís worse for us. See there was this event called 9/11 during all this. Frankly with all the controversy around it and the Patriots I have to believe that Tom Brady possibly was one of the hijackers or maybe even the mastermind of the whole situation. After all wouldnít that be the ultimate haha I did it for this guy. Yes, 9/11. So the Patriots finished 11-5 that season making the playoffs. Everyone was all like ďOMG how amazing would it be if the NFL had the Patriots win the Super Bowl? Patriots in a year of 9/11 what a great thing.Ē NO NO NO NO NONOOOOOOOOOOOOO. :banging:

So in their first round game against teh Oakland Raiders the Patriots were on their way to a defeat in the snow. It was beautiful the snow was coming down and frankly all those Boston fans who were all over this wagon were going to have their little hearts broken. Iím not the grinch. No sir that my friend is Tom Brady for fumbling the ball after being hit by Charles Woodson. The Patiots were screwed we thought. Then referee Walt Coleman saw a way to possiably get his name into elitee status and ruled that Brady was in the act of throwing the ball when he was hit. The Ďtuck ruleí as it is called escensially rules that if a quarterbacks arm is coming forward then a pass is ruled incomplete. After virtually seeing this play for 67.2 hours in my life I still fell it was a fumble. BUT NOOOOOOO the Patiots got the ball back. Adam Vinatieri hit a classic field goal and Brady was on his way to the AFC Championship game.

Ok Pittsburgh owes me a few favors Iíd have thought but they frankly didnít do crap against Brady. They knocked him out of the game in the second half but still couldnít figure out a way to win. On to the Super Bowl was this kid in his first season. This is crazy. Why canít anyone stop him. Tom Brady must be made of like some kinda substance that makes him Superman.bradyfag.jpg

Everyone was all in love with Tom Brady at this point. Maybe it was the fact that morning hosts like Kaite Couric and Kelly Ripa and all the magazines that stated to say how handsome Tom Brady was. They claimed they had finally had a reason to watch football. Hell Rachel Ray probably baked about two dozen pies demonstrating how sheíd love to get in bed with Tom Brady and eat all the pies cause shes so fat and annoying.


The Super Bowl came and the Patriots were 14 point under dogs. Mind you they played the St. Louis Rams earlier in the season so the Patriots did have video tape of their defensive signals. Brady then did his fourth quarter victory thing and Adam Vinatieri hit a field goal as the clock ran out to give the Patriots their first Super Bowl. Brady for some freaking reason was named MVP of the game despite 145 yards passing and just one touchdown.

Tom Bradys big chin was everyone. Heck Jay Leno had to get an injunction just to keep his job, afraid that Bradyís big mug would take his seat behind the desk on the late night show. Weíd constantly have to hear about Tom Brady, Tom Brady took a crap here, Tom Brady had sex with little Jimmies mom. Tom Brady was going to fight a cure for cancer and Tom Brady was walking on the moon. Tom Brady this. The Hell. The Hell.

After the Patriots missed the playoffs in 2002 Brady said the only reason they didnít win was cause of a shoulder injury. SureÖ Of course the Patiots then went on to win Super Bowl 38 and be named MVP of the game again. Come on give me a break Vinatieri had to bail him out again. Come on Adam why you letting this guy steal all your thunder? :doh:

The following season t was the same. Patiots in the Super Bowl. This time against the Eagles. Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb got ďsickĒ as the Eagles were going on a drive at the end of the game. I bet it was Tom Brady drugging the guy. You know Brady didnít want to lose. Heíll kill. You ask Donovan. Terrell Owens said McNabb was puking and incoherent in the huddle at the end of the game. Sounds like a job for a secret agent to me.

In 2005 Brady and the Patriots were eliminated in the playoffs. Then they made up some story about Brady having a sports hernia as the reason. :chuckle: Linebacker Willie McGinest claimed that Brady had played with it all year. Brady also used this as an excuse to skip out on the Pro-Bowl. We all know he was probably looking for more A-list actress to impregnate. By this time everyone knew that Tom Brady was boinking Bridget Moynahanís brains in. Looking for even more exposure then he already had Brady even showed up to do the coin flip. Never mind that this was Super Bowl 40 and there was a humongous cast of NFL Hall of Famers and MVPs there. Nope the NFL decided that Tom Brady was better then everyone.

In 2006 the Patiots romped everyone and then stunned the San Diego Chargers with 2 quick touchdowns in the final quarter to be on their way to the AFC title game. Bradyís arch rival if you will Peyton Manning was on the other side of the field as they faced off against the Indianapolis Colts in Indy. Manning was about as rival to Brady as the Coyote to the Road Runner. Brady always would beat the Colts and leave everyone saying Tom is sooooo great. Peyton would be reduced to sitting there and wondering why. Well this day was different thank the Lord. Manning actually had a good playoff game and the Colts stunned the Patriots. yes, Manning had finally beating Brady in a playoff game. Manning was finally going to the Super Bowl. Jesus save us all for the wrath of Tom Brady. :laughing:

Brady went and knocked up Bridget Moynahan at this point. They broke up in December and she admitteed she was pregnant with Bradyís devil seed in February of 2007. She gave birth to the little bastard over the summer. Tom Brady was called a great dad by like 435 magazines you would have noticed if you ever walked in a HEB or Safeway. :laughing: Frankly the whole thing was sick. How much time you really think Brady spends with that little shit. How could he even know anything. Heís been too busy with Gisele Bundchen since January. That little sperm is probably the bane of his existence.

Brady then went out and threw for three touchdowns or more in the first 6 games of the season. At one point when a TD was called back Brady stopped and starred through a referee. Brady probably was telling the poor guy that he was going to lose his job and the only way for salvation was to eat out his asshole. Or something of that nature.

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Wow, that guy has issues hahahahaha.

Hot Stuff Nick Sterno
09-05-2009, 04:42 PM
I hate Brady too but I can keep my hate to under 5 paragraphs.

09-05-2009, 05:02 PM
maybe tom brady wrote that himself in some kind of cant handle my life as a patriot episode and was freakin out?

09-05-2009, 05:14 PM
If you watch Pat games on local tv, every other word is NE Patriots or Tom Brady no matter who they are playing. The word "team" is never used and a positive spin is put on every game even if they are down 14 points in the pre-season. It's nauseating so I can relate.

09-05-2009, 05:38 PM

That is about all I can say.


09-05-2009, 06:00 PM
I hate Brady too but I can keep my hate to under 5 paragraphs.

I can keep it under 5 words:

I hate Tom Brady

or, exactly 5 words:

Tom Brady is a douche

steel striker
09-05-2009, 07:51 PM
I hate Brady and the cheats just as much as I hate the rats!

Stu Pidasso
09-07-2009, 01:33 AM
I loved this article so much I want to send John money.

09-07-2009, 07:52 AM
All I can muster after reading this diatribe is . . . . . :rofl: :laughing: :thumbsup:

I seriously don't hold hate in my heart for anyone, including Tom Brady. I respect his talent but I don't respect his team, their coach or the Pats buffoon of an owner. No doubt Brady is an arrogant ass most of the time, but what NFL diva isn't? :noidea: