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08-31-2009, 12:08 PM
The Warrior

The rain fell down in torrents, as he left the turfs green trench
He limped towards the sideline, and sat upon the bench.
Apart from all his teammates, pain beyond what he’d admit.
He wondered, as he’d done before.
Doubting as he’d done before
He cursed himself, much like before as to why he didn’t quit

He removed his battered helmet, blood dripping from his nose
And wiped his hand across the bridge, as the crowd noise dipped and rose.
He took a breath that sounded like a worn and tired sigh
And wondered as he’d done before
Skeptical, much like before
Questioning, just like before, if he’d the strength to say goodbye.

He gazed upon the others, so young and full of fire
When he lost that youthful zeal, did he also lose desire?
The mind once seemed so willing, even as his strength declined.
But still he wondered as before,
Thought about it as before,
Doubted, as he’d done before, if he could leave it all behind.

Did he stay for accolades or for the shallowness of fame?
Was it something noble or just because he loved the game?
Did he stay for money? Did he even know?
So still he wondered as before
Skeptical, much like before
Questioning, just like before, as to why he won’t let go.

The coach called out his number, it was time to take the field
He arose with muttered stiffness, but his mind refused to yield.
Strapping on his helmet, he again prepared to play
And he wondered as he’d done before,
Thought about it, as before
And smiling as he’d done before thought, “Someday… but not today.”