View Full Version : Great free online game

09-01-2009, 03:31 PM
Don't know if anyone is into games, there is a great online game called Evony.


You click the link above and register, it's free and you can play free, no downloads.
One warning, the resgistration screen has a scantily clad girl (dressed like middle ages with low cut neckline) but game has nothing to do with it and you can click a box at top of page to never see that screen again.

It asks you to choose a state or let it randomly assign you. Choose North March (where I am) and you can join our alliance named Calamity. you can send mail inside the game, send one to Hobbster if you join, if I am on, or when I sign on I will help you out best I can. Only been playing 2 weeks.