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09-03-2009, 10:54 PM
Views of the Carolina game
September 3, 11:18 PMPittsburgh Sports ExaminerMatt Pawlikowski

CHARLOTTE - If there was one thing to be said about the Carolina game, its that the decisions Steeler coach Mike Tomlin has entering cut time just got tougher. In a game that not only is an audition for other NFL teams but also the Steelers, the thing that can be said about the younger players is for the most part, they came to play.

Tomlin is expected to make his decision after the game, and announce them this morning at a press conference.

Once again there was some good in the game, some bad and then these.

Stefan Logan - You have to start with Logan. A fan favorite, Pinball as he is fondly called by his teammates provided the early spark and showed why he is a keeper. His first touch of the ball went 80 yards for a score. His only kickoff return of the night 28 yards. Each time he touches the ball he gets better and better and so does the Steeler return game. He also showed what he could do on offense and also looked good as the gunner on special teams. Yes, No. 41 is a keeper. Welcome to the Burg and the NFL.

Isaac Redman - This was a bubble player entering the game. Now with Carey Davis injured, he might have locked up a roster spot. He averaged 7.9 yards toting the ball and scored from ten yards out.

Ramon Foster - With no clear cut backup at the left tackle slot, Foster got a good look in the second half of the game. The verdict? He is a keeper. Foster can play guard as well as the left and right tackle slot and seems more confident with each snap. Loved the way he came off the ball and finished up things. How did this guy go undrafted.

Goal line defense - It doesn't matter whether it is the first team or the second team. The Steelers pride themselves in preventing scores from close range and its a reason they are ranked It did the same against the Panthers. On a third and two with 1:44 remaining in the second quarter, Donavon Woods

David Johnson - With Sean McHugh out of action, Johnson's chances of making the final roster got much better. his play against Carolina with the second team pretty much locked up a slot. He came off the line and pushed the Carolina players back with ease. Reminded me of a young Dan Kreider even though lined up at tight end and plays much better than Matt Spaeth.

Kraig Urbik - He makes the team just because he was a high pick, but once again struggled allowing penetration and seemed lost. Urbik will be a project like Tony Hills.

Keenan Lewis - He was all over the field, and didn't miss a tackle all night. He showed a great deal of toughness and went after the ball. He earned a roster slot with his play, as he led the team with ten tackles.

Arnold Harrison - Fighting for one of the open linebacker slots, he showed he could play both inside and outside slot. His tackle of Josh McCown in the second quarter and eventual fumble recovery provided the spark for the Steelers second score as they had great field position. All night long he was impressive.

Shaun McDonald - What happens with him? You've got to keep Stefan Logan on the roster and he is listed as a wideout. But all the reliable veteran has done is catch everything tossed at him.

Ryan Mundy - His pick for six from 30 yards out was a thing of beauty. He made plays all night long, was part of a sack and because of it earned the No. 4 safety spot.

Mike Reilly - What do you do with the guy? He proved he has the skills to play quarterback, but you can't justify keeping four quarterbacks on the roster. He may have auditioned himself onto another teams roster as keeping a practice squad slot open for a QB is usually not an option. Just goes to show how good the Steelers scouting department is.

Patrick Bailey - Last year's special team ace was at it again. What I like about this guy is how he gets to the ball.

Sonny Harris - He played well, but was it tough enough to earn a spot with the final 53. If the Steelers cut him, there is no way he'll be back to be put on the practice squad so again, I'm glad I'm not Mike Tomlin.