View Full Version : no elway= no superbowl

tony hipchest
01-17-2006, 05:27 PM
#7 plays for pittsburgh now and very well could be on a career path to surpas his boyhood idol john elway with 3 sb's. i can hear it now, instead of "one for the thumb" it will be "win seven for 7".

i must say ive liked jake since his arizona days and think he has come far enough to earn a mulligan if he pulls a tank job like so many have expected. seems everyone is waiting for him to revert back to his "old ways" it will be a little unfair that 1st bad game he has when everyone starts piling on and saying we knew it would happen or i told you so or same old jake. he has come a long way. next year with the addition of terell owens they could be trully awesome.:cool: