View Full Version : Thank feck they didn`t lose!!!

09-12-2009, 03:14 AM
Well the Steelers won.......but going by many of the posts on SF,they are obviously totally hopeless!
O-line this,Parker that,Arians this,running game that,etc,etc.......
In my own little way I do understand the criticisms and I`m sure that 99.9% of the posters here know more about AF than I do but, I saw so many positve things from Thursday night.
1.Has Ben ever had more time to pass the ball?
2.Ben was sacked 4 times(i know once can be seen as too many),but compared to some games last season he had a stroll in the park on Thursday.
3.The passing game was so good it was...sexy! Santonio was awesome,Miller and Ward were,well,Miller and Ward, and Wallace played like a veteran rather than a green rookie.
4.The defense played like men possesed....nothing new there then!
5.Two words...Logan,Sepulveda
6.One letter....W

I completely understand the concern about the running game especially on 3rd/4th and short but I have faith that it will be resolved,and soon.....I can`t help thinking that once Summers gets up to speed then there will be a big improvement.
Then again when the passing game is so good the running game is not such an issue:noidea:
Don`t jump on me for this...I`m very much an AF newbie but it`s just I`m kinda taken aback by the negativity.....I mean my soccer team got relegated to the 3rd tier of English football last season,lost their first game this season 7-1,at home!:doh:...now thats really something to get down about,not a win against the Titans!
Anyway enough :blah: