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09-13-2009, 06:24 PM
NFL rookie Frank Summers back to support UNLV

Justin M. Bowen

Former UNLV player Frank Summers is back at Sam Boyd Stadium on Saturday to provide moral support for the Rebels.

By Rob Miech (contact)

Wearing highlighter-yellow Nikes, jeans, a long white T-shirt and stylish shades, Frank Summers stood on the sideline before tonight’s UNLV game and tossed a football to himself.

The former Rebel looked as if he was itching to put a scarlet-and-gray uniform back on and punish a few Oregon State linebackers in Sam Boyd Stadium.

Not the case, he said.

“I think everyone plays at a certain time and a certain level. It was time for me to move on,” said the Pittsburgh Steelers rookie. “I’m fortunate and blessed enough to have that opportunity right now. So I’m thankful.

“I had a great time here at UNLV. Tonight, I’m here to support them and see them win this game.”

Asked about a prediction, he said UNLV will beat Oregon State. When pressed for a score, he smiled.

“I don’t know,” Summers said. “Doesn’t matter. Style points don’t matter. In my book, a win is a win.”

Jerry Koloskie, UNLV’s interim athletic director who is from West Virginia and a lifelong Steelers fan, told Summers to “just win baby, that’s all that matters.”

Thursday night, Summers participated in his first regular-season NFL game for the Steelers. At Heinz Field in Pittsburgh, the defending Super Bowl champions defeated Tennessee, 13-10, in overtime.

The 5-foot-9, 242-pound Summers started at fullback for Pittsburgh.

“I don’t think I could have looked around and taken enough deep breaths to soak it all in,” he said. “A great, great experience. I enjoyed every second of it. Obviously, it was a great game for people to watch.

“It was an even better feeling for me to play in it.”

“The Tank” got in a handful of plays at fullback, and he was in on all punts and punt returns, and kickoffs and kickoff returns.

Summers, a fifth-round draft choice by the Steelers, won’t forget his first NFL snap.

“A power play,” said the man tabbed by Lindy’s magazine as the toughest player to bring down last season in the Mountain West Conference.

He won’t soon forget a couple of Titans, either.

“I had to block defensive end Jevon Kearse and linebacker Keith Bulluck a few times,” Summers said. “Those two stood out to me, two Pro Bowl players, maybe some day Hall of Famers. And I was able to be on the same field and play against them."

He won’t soon be forgotten on the UNLV campus. Summers is the only Rebel to lead the team in rushing touchdowns (six) and receiving TDs (four) in the same season – which he accomplished as a junior in 2007.

Summers spent Saturday night walking the sidelines behind the Rebels' bench, cheering on his teammates and waving to his many fans.

“It’s very important for me to be here,” he said. “We had a great game against Arizona State last year … for me to support my alma mater against another Pac-10 team means a great deal. I want to give the guys some confidence and support, and see them win tonight.”

Summers caught a flight from Pittsburgh to Las Vegas early Friday morning, and he’ll fly back to Pittsburgh early Sunday morning. He said he will try to attend as many UNLV games, home and away, as possible this season.

The 24-year-old Oakland native said he considers Las Vegas to be his new hometown.

“The program and the city mean so much to me,” Summers said. “Vegas is where I’ll raise my family and live every offseason in my life. My fans know I’m the same blue-collar, hard-working guy.

“I’ll give it my all. I’m on that team to make plays. I’m just very proud and very excited for next week against the Chicago Bears.”

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Good read and thanks for posting Mesa. I think it's great when NFL players go back to their schools and continue to support them.