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09-17-2009, 10:16 AM
Good to see some more practitioners of Alinsky methodology have outed these racist bastards.

Black genocide - in America
Groundbreaking report talks about Planned Parenthood

Posted: September 11, 2009
8:21 pm Eastern

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There were headlines all across the country when an undercover sting operation caught a worker at an abortion business in Idaho gleefully accepting a donation designated to provide an abortion for a black child. The exchange went like this:

Actor: I want to specify that abortion to help a minority group, would that be possible?

Planned Parenthood: Absolutely.

Actor: Like the black community for example?

Planned Parenthood: Certainly.

Actor: The abortion – I can give money specifically for a black baby, that would be the purpose?

Planned Parenthood: Absolutely. If you wanted to designate that your gift be used to help an African-American woman in need, then we would certainly make sure that the gift was earmarked for that purpose.

Actor: Great, because I really faced trouble with affirmative action, and I don't want my kids to be disadvantaged against black kids. I just had a baby; I want to put it in his name.

Planned Parenthood: Yes, absolutely.

Actor: And we don't, you know we just think, the less black kids out there the better.

Planned Parenthood: (Laughs) Understandable, understandable.

Now there's a groundbreaking new report called "Maafa 21: Black Genocide in 21st Century America" that explains such sentiments are common in America.

Here's how MovieGuide describes "Maafa 21," which sets out to prove an astonishingly evil, though little-known, agenda of Planned Parenthood in America:

"Maafa 21" is a very carefully reasoned, well-produced exposé of the abortion industry, racism and eugenics. It traces the abortion industry back to its eugenics roots. It proves through innumerable sources that the founders of Planned Parenthood and other parts of the abortion movement were interested in killing off the black race in America and elsewhere. "Maafa 21" exposes some of the most powerful leaders of the socialist and humanist movements of the 20th Century as racists, on a par with Adolf Hitler, but much more clever. The argument is presented so well that it is irrefutable. The filmmakers calculate abortion has reduced the black population in the United States by about 25 percent!

"If this movie gets wide circulation among the African-American community, it should bring an end to Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry," the assessment continued.

The "Maafa 21: Black Genocide in 21st Century America," DVD explains how blacks were "stolen from their homes, locked in chains and taken across an ocean."
Then for 200 years, their blood and sweat helped build the richest and most powerful nation in the world.

"But when slavery ended, their welcome was over. America's wealthy elite had decided it was time for them to disappear and they were not particular about how it might be done," the DVD presents.

It documents that the eugenics plan still is being carried out across America.

09-17-2009, 11:16 AM
Yes man..... evil still exists..... Good thing its perpetrators will pay for it while here on earth....... or even worse, in the next life..... :thumbsup:

09-17-2009, 06:49 PM
No surprise. Look at their origins--they were open about their intentions in the beginning.

09-17-2009, 06:58 PM

While I find it very fascinating... To view this film and its interviews with any less circumspection than those on the left would be quite unfair.

09-17-2009, 07:55 PM
Just reads like another inflammatory article, one of many ...right against left, left against right, it doesn't matter, choose your evil & the media will respond with due dilligence.
"If this movie gets wide circulation among the African-American community, it should bring an end to Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry," the assessment continued.
I doubt it...the abortion industry isn't going any where, anytime soon, no matter what race the pro-lifers target, that's just the way it is & how it will continue to be.

09-18-2009, 12:30 AM
There is a positive side to this. If their goal is "killing off the black race in America", they sure are doing a horrible job.

09-18-2009, 02:55 AM
Doesn't seem like anything more groundbreaking than some guy coming into an office and making weird requests, and the chick at the counter thinking "OK, I'll just do whatever I have to do to get done with this weirdo and not get fired." Probably kind of similar to what's going on in the ACORN videos too, I'd bet. (although I admit I have'nt seen them, so I'm just conjecturing).

Whatever. It's not like anyone is going around making black people have abortions. You get an abortion, you decided that for yourself.