View Full Version : Cutler's first game an afterthought, Bears ready for Steelers

09-17-2009, 09:40 PM
Cutler's first game an afterthought, Bears ready for Steelers
September 17, 9:56 AMPittsburgh Sports ExaminerMatt Pawlikowski

CHICAGO - The Steelers are just 1-11 in Soldier field, but that fact doesn't mean the Bears are taking the black and gold lightly

"They are a tough team, they are coming off a big win against Tennessee," Bears quarterback Jay Cutler said. "They lost Troy ( Polamalu) defensively but just like us losing Urlacher, that whole team is going to pick up the slack for him and come out ready to go."

Cutler, who was expected to take the team to new heights tossed four interceptions in his first contest as a Bear, in a division rivalry game against the Packers. But don't read too much into that.

"This guy is a Pro Bowl-caliber quarterback. We have seen it first hand," Steelers coach Mike Tomlin said. " Some of the things he pulled off against us in Denver on prime time television a couple of years ago was special stuff. His ability to create when the pocket breaks down and throw on the move, to fit the ball in tight spaces and to attack the field vertically he has a special talent and skill set that we respect."

It's the way Cutler's teammates are also approaching things.

"Sometimes that's just the way things go, people have a bad game and we were all part of that," Olsen said. "He's been playing the game for a long time sometimes things just happen, credit to the defense they made some good plays."

When you toss four picks you are going to be scrutinized, but Cutler is only worried about his teammates in the lockeroom and making better decisions.

"I just have to pick it up,' Cutler said. "I'm pretty confident. Four picks is tough to swallow its tough to watch, but there is a lot of stuff we can build on. I just have to be careful not to put our receivers in those spots and limit when I am going to take chances like that. I have to be better out there and make sure when I let it go I know what direction those guys are going in."

Cutler faced a 3-4 defense in the Packers, and will get the same does this weekend when the Steelers come to town.

"It's a big test for us this week," Bears coach Lovie Smith said. "Defensively they put a lot of pressure on you, they blitz, so it will be a big challenge even without their top player this weekend."

The Bears will also be without their heart and soul on defense Brian Urlacher, as he broke his wrist in the first game. While Bears players know it will be tough to replace him, the Steelers are a game they have penciled in since schedules were released.

"This is a game we have been looking forward to since the schedule came out, to open the season at home against the Super Bowl champs," Olsen said. "It's going to be a great challenge for us, they have a great team and a good defense but the guys are looking to right the ship and getting things off to a better note."

As for the key to beating the Steelers, Smith says it will be stopping Ben Roethlisberger.

" We have to get pressure, In order for a quarterback to hold the ball and go to his second and third receiver, you don't have pressure,' Smith said. "He likes to make plays, and he does. He is a Super Bowl winning quarterback who has done a lot of things, so it will be a big challenge for our guys."

Meaning they don't expect a lot from the Steelers run game once again.