View Full Version : polamalu had 3 o-linemen blocking him

tony hipchest
01-18-2006, 04:41 PM
at times last weekend. this is pretty amazing, hes only 210 lbs, yet he almost bowls these guys over. lebeau has been scheming to get this effect and it has freed up other players to get in the backfield. infact, i was reading today, the same play was used twice in a row for manning to get sacked by porter late in last weeks game. these effects cannot be measured in stats and numbers.

also, while wondering why he seems to drop so many int's, i really realized how fast this dude is travelling when he makes contact with the ball. him and the ball are usually colliding at the same speed it looks like. pulling down a ball like this is pretty tough, especially when travelling in oposite directions.

and how fast he was going when he chased down dallas clark last weekend? that dude flies! i hope the rooneys dont keep him on ice for 2-3 years before they pay him what hes worth. i know they dont do extensions but who wants to see polamalu disgruntled like ed reed?

01-18-2006, 04:45 PM
....who wants to see polamalu disgruntled like ed reed?

Not I.....

The guy is simply amazing... and he's still a young player! I hope the Steelers keep him around for a LOOOONG time!!!