View Full Version : Give Credit Where It Is Due And Other Comments

09-21-2009, 07:48 AM
Gotta give props to Cutler who played a mistake free game, but you also have to credit Bears OC Ron Turner. Although it was obvious to the most pedestrian of fans, the short passing game to tight ends and slot receivers killed us all day. Turner clearly gave up on the run and used the short and intermediate passing game well. Not sure why DL gave up on some of 'up the middle' blitz packages. He seemed to constantly want to bring pressure from the edge which never got there. Kudos to Turner though.

The running game definitely looked better at times yesterday and did you notice the plays that seemd to work? For the most part they were man-on-man plays rather than zone. Hope to see more of that.

DId anyone else get the feeling like we were playing for field goals rather than touchdowns? I had no problem with BR taking the shot on 3rd down, but the playcalling was very suspect once we got into field goal range.

Anyoe else find the officiating a little questionable at times? I don't know of any other defense that gets held as much as we do and it gets called like once a game.

A lot of people are defending Reed by saying other players could have stepped up too like the couple of drops by Holmes. JR gets no pass here from me. You have to make one of those at least. Missing two is just unacceptable.

We better strap it up for Cincy next week.