View Full Version : Putting Deshea Townsend at strong safety?

09-22-2009, 11:55 AM
I was just thinking about our strong safety situation with Polamalu out with his knee injury.

While I think Carter plays with lots of heart, he just isn't starter caliber. He can hit, but his coverage skills are, well lacking.

So I was thinking, maybe they can put Deshea in to play while Troy is out. He can hit, and he's very good in coverage. He has very good field vision also. He doesn't have the skills of Polamalu, but I think he is better to play in the place of Polamalu than Carter.

09-22-2009, 12:06 PM
They may have to....according to this article..


Carter might not be able to go...so it leaves only Mundy, so think theres a good chance of Towns or Ratliff being put back as a S at times...esp if they dont trust in Mundy starting yet, esp against a decent passing team like the Bungles.

09-22-2009, 12:16 PM
I wouldn't be surprised to see Ratliff get the start.

09-22-2009, 12:21 PM
Good read. I like the thought of Deshea back there, I think he would do well.

09-22-2009, 12:23 PM
Townsend back there is a comfort zone thing...he's not going to get punked, ala Anthony Smith, and even if he's playing out of position, I have faith that the dude has enough experience on our D to make an easy transition.

God knows he'll be an auto upgrade over the way Carter played last week.

However, one of the younger dudes is going to have to step up and play a lot more, especially in nickel and dime situations, so we are going to be vulnerable SOMEWHERE...

El-Gonzo Jackson
09-22-2009, 01:00 PM
I dont know if Townsend would play SS. I think he is a better FS, but I could definately see Keiwan Ratliff play SS and Townsend the nickel back.

Bungles are gonna play Coles, Henry, Johnson at WR in several sets, so will need some nickel packages.

09-22-2009, 02:38 PM
Bungles will need time to throw the ball long instead of the little dinks and dunks that the Bears threw.

09-22-2009, 02:50 PM
I'd rather not see Carter try to gut it out and be a step slow. I don't care whether it's Townsend or Mundy, quite honestly -- I just do not want to see Carter out there if he's 70%.

If Carter's really back to normal, I have no problem with trying him again. He's normally not bad.

09-22-2009, 03:38 PM
Why not move Clark to SS where he played at Washington and let Townsed play FS? Deshea canít hold up to the demands of run support that is required by SS.

09-22-2009, 04:00 PM
na i dont think deshea would be a good safety, we gotta keep carter, but we should use a nickel defense most of the time to keep deshea involved more

09-22-2009, 07:52 PM
I wouldn't be surprised to see Ratliff get the start.

I'm suprised he isn't a starter already.

09-23-2009, 03:56 PM
I'd rather have anyone besides #23 back there.