View Full Version : Iran, Pakistan, Al Qaeda... and now... Mexico

09-25-2009, 01:52 PM
Iran... Has secret facilities and is getting VERY close to becoming a nuclear power. Is already known to supply terrorists all over the globe (especially in Iraq and Afghanistan) with the materials and man power needed to carry out attacks.

Pakistan... Already a well stocked nuclear power, Al Qaeda is taking over villages and towns at a rapid pace. A muslim nation, many in the government and military are sympathetic to Al Qaeda and there has been infiltrations by the terrorist organization at all levels. There are fears that Al Qaeda will over throw the Pakistani government.

Al Qaeda... Bin Laden and the very top / most powerful elements of Al Qaeda have not been captured or killed (according to our best info.). Their major source of revenue is the Opium (Heroine) trade out of Afghanistan.

Mexico... The government of Mexico could be overthrown almost at any time by the massive drug cartels in Mexico according to the latest reports.
The Cartels have infiltrated the Mexican government at all levels for years... well entrenched.
The Cartels deal primarily in Cocaine, Marijuana, and Heroine.
Arab operatives of terrorist organizations, who can easily be "fixed up" to appear Mexican, have be detected entering the country via the Mexican boarder.
Mexico.... directly boarders the United States.....

Well. Looks like there's gonna be a "Round 2 " coming up fairly soon in the war on terror. If either of their options, Iran or Pakistan, results in getting a nuke or nukes in the hands of one bent on terror.... it could be relatively easy to get one into the US. A small nuke or just nuclear waste getting transported over the border via one of those desperate for money "mules" well versed in transporting illegal Mexican's over the boarder is an obvious channel they may be looking at. If one makes it to a major US city and is detonated, the US may respond in kind if its determined some government had something to do with it. If just a dirty bomb (nuclear waste) goes off in the heart of NYC's financial district the area would be uninhabitable for decades.... and the US economy would be cut in half in a matter of minutes.... All the while we are distracted by health care and getting public officials elected that will just do the same as their predecessors... :noidea:

09-25-2009, 02:11 PM
And of course Obama will just say, "It's ok we can trust our neighbors to the south!"

God have mercy on our country!