View Full Version : Band of Brothers

Ricco Suavez
09-28-2009, 07:39 PM
Call me superstitious but after a loss I usually change my screen saver (always something Steeler related) and I was looking for something new. I found my Band of Brothers SS from after the SB. It got me to thinking that what this team needs is that same attitude that we built on at the end of last year. You know where each man is depended on the other and where one team mate will not let the other fail. I believe this team has the talent to repeat. What I have yet to see is that "spark" that we had last year yet. In 2005 we were 7-5 when things started to gel, I told anyone who would listen that the Steelers had the talent to win it all even then, that we were this "close " to breaking out. I still believe barring a rash of injuries that this team will bounce back. We all know this team can be dangerous come playoff time and with playoffs 3+ months away there can be a lot of change. Keep the faith.

tony hipchest
09-28-2009, 08:13 PM
every game last year, beginning with the colts, had a playoff atmosphere.

other than the opener, the steelers havent played with that same sense of urgency.

troy, or no troy, its time to play like its all on the line.

thats how the bears and bungles played, and sure as hell how the chargers and most definitely the ravens will play.