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09-28-2009, 10:01 PM
Sep 28, 2009 10:49 pm US/Eastern
Local Vets Spend Time With Steelers At Heinz Field
Alison Morris

The Pittsburgh Steelers invited about 75 US Military Vets and their families to Heinz Field for a little friendly football competition.

The veterans of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq kicked, punted and threw footballs with some of their favorite Steelers like Daniel Sepulveda, Greg Warren and Ryan Mundy.

Monday night's event was organized by the Steelers in conjunction with VA Healthcare VISN 4, to provide a special evening for the Vets, many of whom were injured in the war.

"We caught a few passes, getting ready to do the field goal kick," said US Army Veteran Brad Cumberledge. "I did all right."

Amy Patterson and her husband are both veterans of the war in Iraq and avid Steelers fans. They never miss a game on Sunday, and say they wouldn't have missed this opportunity for the world.

"The boys are just having a blast," Amy said. "We're thrilled that the VA gave us this opportunity, that the Steelers organization gave us this opportunity it's a dream come true for us."

Punter Dan Sepulveda said the Steelers were truly honored to have America's Heroes at Heinz Field.

"It's nothing compared to what they've done for us so if we can come out here and take a little bit of time out of our day to come cheer them up and thank them for the service they've done for us we're more than happy to do that," he said.

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(Good to see the Steelers supporting the US Military and their families. They are the one team I support more than the Steelers. - mesa)