View Full Version : Not Your "Parent's" Steeler Team

10-05-2009, 01:21 PM
If Defenses set up to stop the run, we burn you with our air force. If Defenses set up to stop the Pass, we burn you with the ground game. I think, if everyone executes, that the offense is virtually unstoppable.
The front line is only in their 2nd year playing together... but you can notice them improving almost every game.
The Passing game has been the missing link to open up the running game... not the other way around.
Ben is playing at a top 3 QB level.
Wallace plays as if he's been with the team for years.
Mendenhall, Moore, Davis and Redman is and/or will be a back-field force noticed by the entire NFL.
Our WR and TE corps is world class (Miller has some of the best hands in football).
With Troy back and a few adjustments to handle 4th Qtr Offenses, the D will regain its title, hands down, as the most formidable.
And the most important, the team is getting noticeably better with the progression of each game....

Oh yea, we're only now 1 game behind both the Bengals and Ravens....

Can't wait to see what next weeks improvements will be.... :thumbsup::applaudit::tt03:

10-05-2009, 02:08 PM
I don't know about you but my parents watched them loose for 40 years. I agree they are not the same but the game isn't the same. you have ruffing calls on QBs(you know who I'm talking about) based on little or no contact,yet Ben gets the shit kicked out of him almost every week with hardly any calls.I admire him for that. No QB in the league can do what he does when he "holds the ball to long". from what I'm seeing so far with the steady improvement from the O-line we have the potential to be better than last year. We just have to get Troy back and stay healthy.