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10-19-2009, 07:16 AM
Steelers Tomlin says team still falling short of perfection
October 19, 6:34 AMPittsburgh Sports Examiner
Matt Pawlikowski

PITTSBURGH - The Steelers are now 5-0 against the Browns under Mike Tomlin's guidance. On Sunday, despite some outstanding play from the Browns Josh Cribbs, they still found the winning formula in a game once the premier rivalry in the NFL.

Asked if he was pleased about the win, there was no pomp and circumstance, just straight to the fact talk. Yes, the Steelers won 27-14, but Tomlin said the team needs to get back to the lab to assess things.

"A lot of things were done at a high level, but of course, we continue to fall short of perfection." Tomlin said following the Steelers

Here's some of Tomlin's other thoughts on the Steeler win.

Did the Cleveland Browns key in on the running game?
Well they’ve got a big guy in the middle there 92 [Shaun Rogers] who’s pretty good. It’s a pretty good place to start in terms of that, but they did. When people do that, we’ve got to be willing and capable of throwing the ball vertically down the field which is what we’re able to do. We don’t care by what means we move the chains or light up the scoreboard, as long as the job gets done. A lot of times what we do is dictate it by what our opponents do and we’re O.K. with that.

Do you feel good with your record at 4-2?
We don’t care where we are. We’re just going to try to continue to get better and win when we step into stadiums. We were able to do that today. We’re not big picture guys, it’s going to all sort out in the wash. The thing is as we continue to push through this journey we better continue to be on the rise. That’s our focus.

Were you happy with [Travis] Kirsche’s step in for Aaron [Smith]?
Just a knee jerk response today; Yes. Again, we’ll let the tape do the talking for us and I’ve yet to evaluate the tape and the minute details that are critical to playing that position well. That’s what Aaron [Smith] excels at. We’ll wait until we look at the tape before we pass the judgment on the quality of their play, but overall as a unit, I thought we were above the line.

Did you expect to see Josh Cribbs to play at the quarterback position so much?
It didn’t surprise us due to the number of adjustments they have in their lineup. The tight end being inactive and things of that nature would lead you to believe potentially they were going to do some Wildcat. So we prepared for it during the week. Just because you prepare for it doesn’t mean you can stop it. 16’s [Josh Cribbs] a special guy as we continue to see in a lot of different phases. I respect him.

Are there any injury updates?
Nothing of any significance. Everyone that went down in the game came back into the game. I’m sure we’ll have a minor list tomorrow but nothing as we sit here today.

10-19-2009, 10:22 AM
As long as we have that mindset of not having perfection, no one will beat us.