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10-23-2009, 02:35 PM
Hey Guys and Gals,
A good friend of mine is working on a great project and needs fellow Steelers fans to help him complete it by answering why you are a Steelers fan. The directions are below and he needs at least 250 fans to post their story for him to finish his project.
Please post it here, http://steelersal.forummotion.com/st...ation-t647.htm so that he can keep track of your story because I will be posting this on other Steelers messageboards and on facebook.

When he gets all of his stories needed, he will give away a prize from his collectables store http://www.sawbillycollectibles.com/ to a randomly drawn poster.
Here is whats required by William for his project;
__________________________________________________ _______________________________
No matter how long you have been a Steeler fan, 60 minutes or 60 years, i wolud like to know the 3 most memorable moments in Steeler history that makes you the die hard Steeler fans that you are. so put your name, were your from, how long you have been a Steeler fan, how old you are etc;etc; so help me out Steeler fans and you will enjoy the end results. and also put .

William Disso
__________________________________________________ ________________________________

Hope you all participate because this is gonna be a really great project he is working on!!!

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Hope this is in the right section..if not, can you please move it. Thanks.

Thanks, Sal