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10-26-2009, 11:46 PM
Steelers Wallace's leap of faith key to Steelers 27-17 win over Vikings
October 26, 5:44 AMPittsburgh Sports Examiner
Matt Pawlikowski

PITTSBURGH – OK it wasn’t a dance, but you have to love Mike Wallace’s touchdown score as time waned in the first half. Ben Roethlisberger found the rookie wide-out in the middle of the field and Wallace took it 40 yards for a score. As soon as he hit the end-zone he did a flip and then ran into the fans.

‘No I haven’t named it yet,” Wallace said with a big smile. “I have to practice it a few times and get the execution down. It was alright, but I could have got a little more execution on the flip.”

Wallace even considered doing a Heinz Field leap into the fans after the score, but was too tired for that move.

“I was tired after the flip so I wasn’t sure I could get enough elevation to jump into the fans,” Wallace said. “So I was like I’ll just go over and give them some hugs.”
Although it was Wallace’s legs and speed that made the play, he took no credit for it, instead deferring that to Roethlisberger.

“ That was all Ben,’ Wallace said. “He was calling all the plays out there out of the no-huddle and made some great plays. Coach put the ball in his hands because he knows he is special with it.”
Admittedly Wallace said he liked to have the ball in his too.

“Of course,” Wallace said with a smile. “But it really doesn’t matter. Everyone wants to double team Hines (Ward) and Santonio (Holmes) because they are great players, so it leaves me kind of free at times and I’ll take whatever scraps I can get. I’m good with that.”

DEFENSE, DEFENSE - When it comes to big games, the defense seems to play and boy were they on fire during Sunday’s game. They held Adrian Peterson to just 69 yards. They held the team leading the league in Red Zone efficiency to just 20 percent and they pressured Favre and when it was crunch time came up big with a key fumble return and interception for a touchdown.
“We feel like we have a really good defense,” Brett Keisel said. “Today was a great test for us to go against a good offensive line, a great quarterback, great running back. It was a big test for us and we answered the call.”

THE LEGEND - The Steelers may have the utmost respect for Brett Favre as a player, but when it came to going head to head with him, it was all business. They blitzed, they tackled and put pressure on him all day. Favre was like a Timex though; he took a licking but kept on ticking

“ I thought we played fairly well. We didn’t get a lot of points.” Favre said after. “It really came down to physicality and we didn’t beat them at what they do. We had those turnovers, especially when you return them for touchdowns, they made a huge difference. But they were as good as I thought they would be. This was a game I looked on the schedule and was excited about. We just didn’t make enough good plays.”

WHERES THE PASS - Last week Joe Flacco tossed for 244 yards in the second half alone against the Vikings. Ben Roethlisberger had over 400 against the Browns. It was a different ballgame on Sunday. Despite being with the services of Antoine Winfield, Ben Roethlisberger only had 175 yards in the air and one touchdown, the 40 yarder to Wallace.

“ They were dropping guys deep we were trying to dig and dunk underneath and a bunch of their lineman batted balls, you have to give them credit, they gave us a lot of looks that we hadn’t seen on film and were doing some good things,” Roethlisberger said. “Offensively we didn’t have our best game, but that’s why we are a team because the defense picks us up when we need it.”

HAMPTON’S INN - Although the Steelers did a good job against the rush, Casey Hampton had three yellow flags tossed his way. All were costly with perhaps the biggest coming on a goal line stand. It gave Favre and crew four more shots at the end zone. But you have to give the big guy credit as Favre said he played a big role in stopping the Vikings run game.
“With Casey Hampton as their nose tackle, it is very hard to run on them,” Favre said.

SPECIAL NEEDS - Here’s a question . When is the last time the Steelers allowed returns for touchdowns in back to back weeks? How about 2009, as Josh Cribbs did it last week for the Browns and then on Sunday Percy Harvin ran one back 88-yards for a score. So is it a concern yet.
“I don’t know, but we better fix it in a hurry,” Steelers coach Mike Tomlin said. “I accept responsibility for that. I’m going to get it fixed whether its schematics, people or both.”

MENDEN’S HAUL - When it came to the running game, heading into the Steelers-Vikes game most of the talk revolved around Adrian Peterson. Yet while Rashard Mendenhall’s stats were better, (6.9 yards per carry to 3.8) one thing was noticeably different. Peterson held onto the ball when it was necessary and gave his team points. Mendenhall dropped the ball on a crucial series allowing the Vikes to regain momentum.

“The young fellow fumbled and every time he puts a helmet on, it’s a learning experience for him,” Tomlin said. “Just a little careless in that instance, we were getting ready to go in for a score and we lost that ball.”

FARRIOR’S FOLLIES – He is the elder statesman of the defensive, but came up big against the Vikings. Farrior led the team in tackles with 15. He had a sack and while most of the attention is focused on Woodley and Fox today, without his efforts it could have been a different ballgame. He was the captain.

THIRD DOWN – Not a pretty day when it came to converting on the third play of the series. In the first half the Steelers were 2 of 7 and for the game 4 of 12.

HERES ONE YOU DON’T HERE TOO OFTEN – On third and four in the fourth quarter with just fewer than five minutes the yellow flags flew. The call, delay of game defense.

ATTENDENCE EXEEDS STADIUM CAPACITY - Heinz Field set a new record for attendance as 65,597 crammed into the confines to watch the marquee matchup of 2009. The previous record of 65,350 was set against the Ravens in last year’s AFC Championship game.
“It was a great atmosphere, a playoff atmosphere,’ Hines Ward said. “We’re stacking wins and as we head into November heading in the right direction.”

TICKETS PLEASE - Early in the morning, tickets were selling for over $400 bucks a pop. An hour before game-time, they were going for $150 to $350 depending where you were. Problem was many fans were left out of not only cash but also the game as police had quite a few number of counterfeit tickets confiscated. One guy said he was out over $1000 dollars and not a happy camper as he headed to Bettis’ to watch the game.

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Jesus...so many typos and grammatical errors in that story. Who does their proofreading, a 6 year old?

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Jesus...so many typos and grammatical errors in that story. Who does their proofreading, a 6 year old?

Matt Pawlikowski = retard. Our fanbase's answer to Tim Lumber.

Galax Steeler
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Matt Pawlikowski = retard. Our fanbase's answer to Tim Lumber.

That is something to look forward to.:toofunny: