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10-27-2009, 05:32 PM
Steeler linebacker Timmons said Sunday's injury 'no big deal'
By Scott Brown
Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Outside linebacker Lawrence Timmons wrote today on his blog that the ankle injury that knocked him out of the Steelers game last Sunday is "not a big deal." He expects to play Nov. 9 against the Broncos in Denver.

Timmons wrote that he sustained a Grade One sprain of his right ankle. He missed the Steelers' season opener on Sept. 10 because of a sprained left ankle that he sustained in a preseason game

"I should come back faster than I did from that ankle sprain," Timmons wrote. Timmons gets extra time to heal as the Steelers have their regularly scheduled bye this week.

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(From the Lawrence Timmons Blog - mesa)

Splash Plays
Lawrence Timmons
October 27, 2009

We have a bye this week, and it’s really beautiful timing for us to have a bye because I hurt my ankle.

Minnesota ran a reverse and I had contain on the play. I was on my way to make the tackle but our DT thought he was gonna make the play, too. He didn’t mean to but he rolled up on my ankle, so it came from friendly fire.

It’s a Grade 1 sprain, not a big deal, and it’s the other ankle from the one I hurt earlier in the season. I should come back faster than I did from that high ankle sprain. I should be able to make it back for the Denver game, which will be Nov. 9 on Monday Night Football.

The defense came up really big against Minnesota. Brett Keisel had a big strip on Favre and LaMarr took it to the house, that was huge. One thing about our D, we’re always trying to give the offense a shorter field, we want to make it easier on them by making big plays. Coach Tomlin loves to call them splash plays. A splash play can change the game and make it a turning point.

During the bye week I’ll pretty much just sit around the house and take care of this ankle. I’ll be on the couch catching up with my shows, like “Curb Your Enthusiasm” and “Entourage.” I also like the show “Crash” on Starz. I’ll be looking at those and seeing some movies, like the new Jamie Foxx movie “Law Abiding Citizen.”

Lawrence Timmons is a linebacker with the Super Bowl champion Pittsburgh Steelers. His blog for www.playerpress.com runs at www.timmons94.com.

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