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01-22-2006, 11:42 PM
What can I say? I expected these two games to be amazingly close i nscore, and yet the gap is so wide. First of all, Congratulations to the Steelers, and the Seahawks. Didn't have the best records in the league, but in the end, the only thing that matters is Detroit, Michigan and Super Bowl XL.

Pittsburgh @ Denver

As soon as Pittsburgh went up 10-0, I knew Pittsburgh was going to win. Denver simply didn't look good. Had they played i nthe first half, it may have been a FG game, or closer. It's sad to see this game didn't ever get to be as close as it did. I'll tell you what though, Seattle's o-line will be in a great battle with Blitzburgh come Super Bowl evening. I am impressed by the 5 lineman on Seattle, and am looking forward to seeing how that part plays out. Big Ben once again showed that he has the poise to become a Super Bowl QB. Jake Plummer didn't look good, and Denver did not live up to what they did in the season. They had great competition this season, and it just wore off, and the better team won. It's that simple. Good luck Pittsburgh Steelers.

Carolina @ Seattle

Once again, as soon as Seattle went up 17-0, I knew this game was over. The crowd was awesome, and so was Seattle. Terrific ball played on both sides, and Shaun Alexander put to rest his playoff woes, with a terrific performance. Pittsburgh will have their hands full. Matt Hasselbeck... wow. He had an unbelieveable game, and his presence and calmness reminded me of one Tom Brady. Whether he finishes the season on top or not is beyond me at this point. Jake Delhomme.... What happened? A QB who normally plays well in the playoffs, with his only loss at Super Bowl 38 to New England. At one point in the game, he had a 1.6 QB Rating... He finished the game at a 34.9 Rating. They rushed the ball just 12 times.. Jake threw 35 passes, and for a QB who hands the ball off more, the pressure definitely got to him. I am drooling over this Super Bowl match-up. I can only hope it ends up like Patriot Super Bowls, on a last second FG. Hopefully not like the Bucs blow out of Raiders in 2002... or Baltimore over the Giants. I would even love to see Overtime.

Good luck to Seattle, and to Pittsburgh, I cannot wait for February 5th. I'm going to a friend of mines Super Bowl Party, it is a yellow towel party, so I guess i'll have to take the Terrible Towel he got for me when he was in Pittsburgh. Have a fun time partying folks.

P.S. Enjoy the win now, and definitely look forward to the Super Bowl... Ohh... and try not to lose much sleep, like I couldn't sleep in 2004, when Sask's kicker Paul McCallum missed an 18 yard FG in OT, and then they lost in OT. That was painful... It was to go to the Grey Cup too.

01-22-2006, 11:47 PM
i hope we blow the seahawks out like the bucs did to the raiders, **** a close superbowl we need to go out and kill kill kill

01-22-2006, 11:50 PM
Yeah, I can understand everyone's thought here on blowing out the opponent... I guess I would too, but since my team isn't here, I can only hope for a close one. I guess if it is a blowout... It has to be a blowout then.