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Carolina Steelers
11-10-2009, 05:34 PM
This is the best i've seen the Steelers play since i've been a fan (mid 80's) I dont go back to the 70's so I dont count that I remember the mid 80's some awful yrs till we got to the early 90's and started turning it back around. We got 2 super bowl MVP's at WR a great TE, Mendy starting to come around, lock down corner Taylor best safety in the business Troy a great core of LB's including Harrison (DPOY) Farrior leads the teams in tackles unsung Brett Keisel at end and the best QB in our franchises history (imo) . Last yr we did it with defense this yr the offense is doing more than its fair share 27 pts or more in 5 gms (Steelers Record) I just dont see how anyone will stop us unless we stop ourselves!!

11-10-2009, 05:39 PM
I agree with you. I grew up in 70's but I was too young to appreciate. I thought the playoffs were part of the schedule. Ben can't be put in Bradshaw's class until he wins #3. IMO. I love what Mike Wallace is doing. Also, notice Mitch Berger pooching bad punts last night for Broncos? He still stinks. Can't believe he's the 33rd best punter in the world.
This is my first post, I'm from Natrona Heights but have lived in KY for past 22 years. Go Steelers.

11-10-2009, 05:54 PM
Yea, I can remember the times we "came close" and probably should have won and didn't. 1995 to SD, 1996 to Dallas, 1997 to NE, 1998 to Denver (ugh, I still hate Elway for that), 3 year slide from 1998-2001, then getting beat by NE in the title game in 2002, getting screwed by the refs against TN in 2003, losing again to NE in 2005.

With all of those teams, we either had this and didn't have that or had that and didn't have this. In the 90's we had a run game a defense, but no top notch QB. Then in 2002, same thing. 2003, no running game or pass defense or special teams for that matter. 2004-05 we had a rookie in Ben (although he started off blazing hot). At the tail end of 2005-06, it FINALLY all came together for us: run game, great QB play, solid ST. We lacked in the running department last year, but Ben made plays when he had to and of course, we had the best D in the league and a solid special teams.

As of right now, it seems to be coming together for us again. Keep working on that ST, Mendy keeps getting better, and KEEP finishing the game in the 4th. No one can beat us when we're clicking.

11-10-2009, 07:31 PM
What you are witnessing is something like the late 1970s with this team. If Wallace comes through in the post-season, then you can call this squad of receivers including Ward, Holmes, Wallace, and Miller, the BEST in Steelers history. No team ever had two SB MVP WRs.

What will make a defining moment is we must repeat and BB must win the SB MVP in order to bring this team in parity with the team of the 1970s.

Defense is a little different, but brutal nonetheless. If Mendy can hold onto the ball, Moore signs for three more years, and if lightning strikes twice with FWP making comeback player of the year, you have something special.