View Full Version : Hello All Proud to be a Steeler Fan

01-23-2006, 09:53 AM
Hello All. My name is Nick. I 'm a huge Steeler fan that lives in Ohio yes Ohio(I have to suffer listening to Browns stuff every day all day). I love to get criticized for being a Steeler fan living in Ohio. This is my first time on the forum won't be my last.

I can't say how proud I am of our men of black and gold. To win 3 road games against the #1,2,3 seeds shows the character of this team and the heart of the town and its fans. I wish I was able to go to Detroit for the game but I'm not that rich to buy tickets. Big Ben has erased the bad tastes in our mouths from last year's playoffs, he is a class act on and off the field. We are lucky to have Ben wearing the Steeler uniform, and him being so young the future is only brighter than the present. I can't wait till Super Bowl 40 and a Steeler win so I have all year long to wave my terrible towel proudly here close to Cleveland and rub it in to Browns fans so all they can do is watch and wish they had the personnel and ownership of Pittsburgh. 2 weeks to brag about the Steelers and my birthday is Feb 2, what a present that will be to see Coach Cowher and the guys holding up the Lombardi trophy.

I"m glad to be a part of this forum and look forward to many great discussions w/ fellow Steeler fans.