View Full Version : Need parking advice - Coming to our first ever game for our anniversary

11-11-2009, 07:27 AM

I got tickets for Dec. 6th for our 15th anniversary and it's a total surprise to my hubby. I need to know about parking. I have heard that taking the ferry is quite the experience any info from people who know would be awesome. Also, is there anyone who would let us tag on to the tailgating party. We live on the eastern side of the state and have both been huge fans since we were little. I guess I would need directions to where to park in the city also?

Any help would be greatly appreciate. thanks Steeler fans!:

11-11-2009, 08:00 AM
If you want your own tailgate you'll need a Red or Gold parking pass and those go for 80+ for Red and 100+ for Gold.
Parking at station square is a nice experience, but with the ferry ride it'll cost you a few extra bucks.
If you're looking for cheap and easy out, do what I do. Since I always meet up with people who are having a tailgate in Red or Gold or end up going to the bars (McFaddens or Bettis) I don't need a stadium lot pass. I park in a downtown garage for $5. The closest one to the stadium and the one I always use is #6 on the downtown parking map. It is right across the 6th st (Clemente) bridge from PNC park. Park there and walk directly across the bridge and you'll be at PNC park. This bridge is for pedestrians only on game days. Red 6 lot is directly across from PNC and you're right in the middle of all the tailgates at that point. If you walk it directly to the stadium it's probably a brisk 15 minute walk.
One other major benefit is, when the game is over you head to the gargage. I'm always out of the garage in 5 minutes and you'll hit some traffic, but since you're already over the bridge and across the river you won't be in that stadium lot traffic, and I've sat in that for 2 hours before. I mean turn off your engine and wait for 2 hours before. Not fun.

If you're heading East like I do, you can find 376E towards Monroeville and the Turnpike and once you get through the Squirrel Hill tunnel you're home free. I'd say 15-20 minutes of traffic slow down total.

11-11-2009, 10:26 AM
Theres a handful of other threads here on the site about this, but right now i dont have the time to find them and link you to them.

Station Square and taking the Gateway Clippers across....$10 parking...and $10 per person round trip for the Clippers. There can be a little wait to board the boats on the way back at times...but not THAT bad.

The Rivers Casino....they have a parking garage...and its only like a 5-10 min walk from the Stadium...it costs $20 to park...of if you go inside and get this free Players Club Card (and gamble like $1 on it) you get to park for free! (this is what we did at the Browns game and it was great...normally we'd do Station Square)

Both ways once you get to your vehicle you can get out of town fairly quick with minimal traffic...and if you wanted to try to find a tailgate to join you just gotta walk right over into the lots next to the stadium and such.