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01-23-2006, 07:28 PM
Here is a nice article from my local paper about our local Steelers bar. Which is pretty good since we are about 6 hrs from the 'Burgh!!! Also for you OCC fans its right down the street from the original shop. Go Steelers!! Smitty

These fans are made of Steel

By Alexa James
Times Herald-Record

New Windsor - The Giants are out. New England's through, and the Jets never stood a chance. But the Pittsburgh Steelers - they're in and headed to Super Bowl XL in Detroit.

Who cares around here?

Several hundred guerrilla Steelers fans. In uniform and out in full force, they rallied yesterday at My Place, a New Windsor pub and catering joint better known as "The Steelers Bar."

It's managed and coached by a guy from 'da Burgh named Ron Ferguson. He's an Army vet who wound up at West Point in '76, the year his hometown team won their second straight Super Bowl (they won two more by 1980).

When he got out of the service, Ferguson ran a deli, and then, in 1989, bought the sports bar on Little Britain Road, in the shadow of Stewart Airport. He hung a Steelers banner out front, and like homing pigeons, Pitt fans flocked from miles around.

West Point Cadet Steven Hoak heard about the bar as a freshman, but without a car on base, getting there was tough.

He's a senior now and arrived yesterday with a corps of Steeler faithful (and one sore New England fan). They showed up three hours early for the AFC Championship game versus Denver.

Hoak came with a white No. 7 "Big Ben" Roethlisberger jersey, a faded yellow Terrible Towel and a cell phone, so he could text message his dad, a coal miner and former steel worker.

"Where I come from, the Steelers are almost a religion," said Hoak, ordering another bottle of his native Iron City lager.

Proprietor Ferguson keeps the cooler stocked with Keystone State brews: Rolling Rock, Yuengling and IC Light. There's Heinz ketchup - another Pittsburgh creation - and in his office, Ferguson has collectible Jerome "The Bus" Bettis mustard among the Wheaties boxes and hats.

On game days, the joint features a free buffet of chili, macaroni salad and hot dogs smothered in sauerkraut. The place is homey and unpretentious, like a living room that happens to seat hundreds. "It's blue collar, hard-working people," said regular Chris Kerr. "It's good people."

Kerr was nervous yesterday because he arrived too late to sit in his lucky bar stool. He had to take extra care to "knock on wood" and arrange his counter space "just so."

The corrections officer from Cornwall caught Pitt fever in the seventies, when the team had Terry Bradshaw and the Midas touch. He's never been to the city but hopes to get there some day.

The Delgado family from Middletown drove to Pittsburgh for every home game this season. Willie Delgado wears contact lenses that cover his irises with the team logo. His wife, Migdalia Lopez, wears a Steelers wedding band. They already have Super Bowl seats.

But the rest of the gang? They'll be at the Steelers bar.

Army cadet Hoak?

"Ah, hell yes," he said.

And Kerr?

"I'm going to camp out," he said, "so I can have the chair where I'm supposed to sit."



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