View Full Version : Redundant Thoughts 2009 Week 10 – Bengals

11-16-2009, 06:22 AM
1. Tuned in with 9:00 to go in the 2nd quarter just in time to see a 3 and out by the Bengals featuring Chad JOHNSON failing to get open and Palmer having to throw high … Chad gets up and motions back to his QB as if to blame him for throwing it high. What a tool.

2. Finally a good runback from Stefan “Mr. August” Logan. Are we ready to concede that this guy is nothing special?

3. Chris Crocker plays for the Bengals? … LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kHmvkRoEowc)!

4. Was it just me or were there a lot of receivers looking for flags for no good reason? It reminds me of the days of having Cedrick Wilson on the team.

5. Awww … Chad looks upset on the sidelines. I like him there myself.

6. Number six will be skipped in recognition of the Steelers inability to find this particular number (in one shot) all day long.

7. See #6

8. Moore is a fixture on the two minute drill … did you see that great catch over the top of the Bengals version of Troy Polamalu … and then having the presence of mind to get the first and out of bounds?

9. Dick Butkus commercial twice in a row. I prefer the commercial of the E*Trade babies (http://www.metacafe.com/watch/2389222/super_bowl_xliii_commercial_etrade_talking_babies/) talking and the one singing “Take these broken wings and learn to fly again” That’s entertainment!

10. Looks like the Bengals have a defense. Imagine that.

11. Boy, Ben was not sharp today. His deep ball was pathetic. He threw high. He got passes batted down. He got sacked. I’ve not seen him look this ineffective in a while.

12. There were three penalties called in a row on Bengals punts/kickoffs at one point. They might should work on that during practice.

13. Beginning of 2nd half Phil Simms is wondering when he will see the Steelers no huddle … based on the end of the game I guess we can safely say that it wouldn’t have mattered.

14. Ben is picked on a ricochet and Willie Colon is injured … and guess who made the tackle of the intercepting defender … Moore.

15. End of third quarter … BOR-ING! Boring football game.

16. 9 – 9. 4 fields goals and one missed point

17. Band Hero does a “Risky Business” take off … I am going to puke if I see another inane take off on this all-time stupidest movie scene. Advertisers should have to apologize to us everytime they use this cliché. Just like those movie soundtrack dingbats who just can’t seem to stay away from “Wild Thing” by Tone Loc for some bizarre reason.

18. Chad Eightfive? I am surprised that some Latino organization hasn’t stepped forward to claim Chad’s mangling of Spanish syntax is either racist or at least just stupid.

19. 4th Quarter and the Steelers go for it on 4th and 1 and convert for a first down at the ten or so. The next play they get a holding call that puts them back to the

20. The red zone execution was miserable today.

21. Ahhhh … screw this game … I’m surfing Fark.com the rest of the day.

22. Bengals go up 15-12 … 7 field goals and 1 missed extra point.

23. Boy, listen to Simms. He is salivating at the thought of the Bengals winning.

24. Timmons you @$^&.

25. Alright … this is right where we want them. Put the ball in Ben’s hands with 1:56 to play right?

26. Ben, how many times are you going to throw into double coverage?

27. Remaining Steelers Schedule: @ Chiefs, @ Ravens, Raiders, @ Browns, Packers, Ravens, @ Dolphins

28. Remaining Bengals Schedule: @Oakland, Browns, Lions, @ Vikings, @ Chargers, Chiefs, @Jets

29. What kind of perspective do you put on this loss? The Steelers have largely owned the AFC North for years. We expect them to sweep every year and that’s not reasonable. A week after the Steelers played a complete game in all three phases they played an incomplete game in three phases: the special teams gave up the 6, the offense couldn’t punch it in, the defense couldn’t come up with a big play. And yet the Steelers only lost by 6 to a team that the media apparently can’t wait to get alone with in a nice dark bedroom. Yeah this one hurts but we should content ourselves with the way it will feel knocking the Bengals out of the playoffs on their home turf. Ahhh … I can hear the cries of “The refs give the Steelers all the calls!” already.