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01-24-2006, 11:23 PM
so... here i am, sittin here, bored and felt like lookin at some nfl draft stuff... i am gonna put down who i think the steelers should take, but this will prolly change 30 times b4 i actually post this... but... ya... comments welcome

round 1... marcus vick (NO NO NO... JK!!! the steelers arent gonna pull a mo clarett like the broncos did, sry if ur heart stopped) I would choose a RB but i am goin to wait for Michael Bush from Louisville, who will be out next year. So with the first pick in my really informal mock draft... the Steelers choose Derek Hagan, WR Arizona State... i know i know... well he's from the Pac 10... but he produced and the steelers need a wr because they prolly dont have enough room to keep randle el so this could be the choice, but then again, this would cause for a lot of money spent to pay this bad boy... look for Mike Haas from Oregon State as the other potential WR in this draft (he is a big, strong receiver who has some of the best hands in the draft... hes a later round guy though 4th maybe 5th). So if Hagan doesn't work for u... how bout a DT...

round 2... Demeco Ryans, OLB, Alabama- the steelers know LB's and they should know that this guy is the best of the best in the class of LB's nobody is talkin bout. They know AJ Hawk... blah deee blah, but Ryans is consistent (notice a trend... consistency) and he makes big plays and plays the run like a champ. He is a first year backup and then a starter in 2007, plus he could play either MLB or OLB. This pick was hard cause the steelers dont need alot of players... they just need fillers, so a LB is good here... either him or Chad Greenway would be good... and in a later round look for an LB from Washington State who has played through injuries the past few years and has had his stock drop Will Derting. He is one of my favorite players, but for no other reason than he is tough.

round 3... daniel bullocks, S, Nebraska- he is a great player, who is a ball hawk at times and will make the special teams play that much better. he will eventually take over for Hope wen they decide to get rid of him cause he is overrated and he is takin up too much cap room. (sry Chris... i really didnt mean that)

round 4... Donovan Raiola, C, Wisconsin- consistent blocker... knows how to move guys off the ball. was taught by a great coach in Barry Alvarez and has NFL blood lines as well... brother plays in the NFL. Plus... do u know how out Hardings is??? he's pretty old... nuff said.

Round 5... Matt Bernstein, FB, Wisconsin- woah ok ok... another wisconsin guy... Well this guy blocked for one of the nations most overrated backs in Brian Calhoun... The steelers need to start working in a new FB and get the knowledge and toughness to take over for Kreider wen he leaves and this guy is tough enough to do it. not a real running threat, but a great blocker.

Round 6... So I was looking for a DT... and i thought of Titus Adam from Nebraska... they have 2 good DT's coming out... add Le Kevin Smith, but i realized Daniel Bullocks is already on here and well... the steelers dont have one player from nebraska on their roster right now... so no 2 in one draft thing. So with that said i am gonna go with 2 guys... u get to pick... who will fit in at the universal player and turn into another hines ward... both played qb at times in college and both were wr and returners at times in their career... Marques Hagans, QB, Virginia (but fast and a playmaker) and Maurice Avery, WR, Memphis (played some QB after injuries a la Hines Ward)

Round 7... Finally... thankfully u must be tired of reading my rants... i will go with a running back and spark some interest. AJ Harris, RB, Northern Illinois... consistency once again... either him or their other RB Garrett Wolfe... too tired to check if he is a senior though...

and i'm through...

01-25-2006, 06:12 PM
DeMeco Ryans wont be around for the second round...:dang: But other than that good job.