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tony hipchest
11-25-2009, 09:57 PM
nothing really new here. its an old proven method for success.

as we get into winter, having a running game that can be leaned on is a valuable commodity. the steelers have really ratcheted up their passing attempts in the past 2 weeks (vs. the more dominant opponents they faced the previous 2). it is apparent they follow this trend stated below.

i dont think anyone who has suggested they run more is saying 35 runs vs 19 passes, but moving away from the 75% pass/66% pass is a step in the right direction. 4-5 more runs a game can make a world of difference.

and its much easier to make a slight tweak to a good offensive coordinators philosophy midseason, than it is to revamp an entire special teams unit. just like a great defense, masked our offensive line woes last year, a great offense this year can mask the special teams stink and lack of troy.

making these adjustments and staying ahead of the trends falls squarely on the shoulders of the head coach and coordinators. anyone who thinks the coaches dont study these numbers and trends, and gameplan off of what they learn is kidding themselves.


NFL coaches think of the season in four quarters. Right now we're closing in on the end of the third quarter of games, which is a good time to take a look at the teams that have remained consistent with their run-pass ratios and those who have started to alter what they were doing on offense.

Eleven teams have reduced their pass attempts in the third quarter of the season and beefed up their run calls. Only one of the seven teams to make the biggest moves to the run game has a losing record over the last three games.

Here's a look at what those seven teams did in the first half of the season passing the ball as compared to what they have done since.


2009 first half


Last three games


44 pass


36 pass


37 pass


29 pass

San Diego

35 pass


29 pass


38 pass


31 pass


32 pass


27 pass


34 pass


30 pass

New Orleans

34 pass


31 pass

There is no doubt the Cardinals have made a concerted effort to improve their run game and use it more often. Cardinals coach Ken Whisenhunt told me that "as soon as the run game became effective the pass game opened up." Wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald has 24 receptions, 283 yards and four touchdowns in the last three weeks when the Cardinals' run game took a spike. You can expect Arizona to stay with the run the rest of the way, and limit the number -- but increase the effectiveness -- of throws Kurt Warner makes.

The red-hot Chargers rushed for 203 yards last week in beating Denver, compared to 145 passing yards. It was driven by the team's new commitment to run more and pass less in hopes of keeping the opponent off balance.

Maybe the most surprising team of all is the New Orleans Saints, who are perceived as a passing team, even this season. But nothing could be further from the truth. Their 34 pass attempts per game in the first half of the season tied them for 22nd in the league and their drop to 31 attempts currently ranks them 28th.

On the other side of the coin are teams that have stepped up their passing game in the third quarter of the season. Some have increased their passing attack out of necessity but others have drifted into the passing game because they believed it gave them the best chance to win.

Here's a look at the teams with the largest gains in their passing games over the last three weeks. Notice that not a single one has a winning third-quarter record.

*see link for remaining charts and analysis*

11-26-2009, 12:22 AM
What are you talking about the only thing that matters is execution. :rolleyes: