View Full Version : Where to go in Detroit?

01-25-2006, 10:26 AM
Hi and Contratulations to all you fans. We are heading to Detroit from Virginia and looking for a good bar in Detroit area to hang out and gear up for the game. Any suggestions? Susan

01-25-2006, 04:47 PM
Welcome Enjoy Go Steelers!

01-25-2006, 05:12 PM
Welcome to SF! Enjoy!

01-25-2006, 06:54 PM
Welcome to Steelers Fever, susan! Sorry, I can't help you out with the Detroit bar scene, but I hope you have a great time wherever you end up! :) GO STEELERS!

01-25-2006, 07:22 PM
Welcome, Susan!
Try this, I don't know if it'll work out for you or not.
Have fun, wish I could go!

3 to be 4
01-25-2006, 10:05 PM
just stay in your hotel room and pretend you are someplace nicer, like Hartford,Connecticut.

01-29-2006, 07:33 AM
Anywhere there is a Seahawk Fan. Welcome to the best fan site on the internet. Enjoy!!!