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11-30-2009, 07:51 AM
1. How do you lose Aaron Smith, Troy Polamalu and Big Ben and still win football games?

2. The plan should be obvious: keep it close until the fourth quarter and hope to get lucky.

3. Steelers opening drive is a three and out featuring an almost intercepted pass. Dixon clearly looks uncomfortable. I guess you can hardly blame him for that.

4. Kudos on the 3 and out for the Steelers D after the Ravens go up 7-0! Gads they needed that. Even Collinsworth mentioned how miserable it would have been for Dixon to be down 2 scores.

5. Collinsworth commenting on Harrison’s effort playing special teams: “James Harrison ran down there like he was a rookie trying to make the team.” The Steelers need more players with Harrison’s focus.

6. Jeez, how many penalty flags can you cram into one game? This had to be sloppiest game I’ve seen this year. The Raiders are laughing at the Steelers and Ravens lack of discipline.

7. 2 minute drill at the half … kickoff … Limas Sweed sighting!

8. 14-7 at the half. If you would have offered Tomlin that at the start of the game he would likely have taken it. I know I would have.

9. Halftime is typically a time when “adjustments” are made. This happens on both sides of the ball with good teams. I didn’t see any noticeable adjustments from the Steelers. I believe this speaks more to the Steelers coaching than it does to the quality of the team. I’m not saying the coaching is bad per se, just stubborn.

10. William Gay finally makes a play and forces a fumble in the second half. That should cover his effort for the next three or four games.

11. 6:25 in the 3rd … back to back sacks. Timmons and Woodley! It was nice to see the defense finally rising up and making some plays but Woodley needs to work on his weird celebratory “karate” kick.

12. At the start of the 4th quarter the Steelers were still within 4. Again, I would take that any day with a 3rd string QB in his first NFL start and in a hostile environment. Up until this point Dixon has been brilliant.

13. Why does Harrison try to pick up that punt? It got a good Steelers bounce.

14. WHEN are we going to fire the special teams guy?

15. Kudos to Timmons on this game. His strip of Flacco after the Ravens big punt runback was timely. The Steelers needed that play.

16. Dixon puts the Steelers up 17-10 in the 4th quarter. Where has this guy been hiding? Dixon for president, etc.

17. 4th and 5; Harbaugh calls for a timeout before punting … wanting to decide whether he will punt and put the ball in Dixon’s hands. The Ravens opt to attempt to convert the 4th and 5 … Farrior looks old as Ray Rice runs free across the middle of the secondary. The Steelers fail to tackle him until he gets to the 9 yard line.

18. After the kickoff Tomlin plays for OT. I can hardly blame him.

19. The Steelers punt … a penalty flag saves the Steelers on another long runback.

20. Penalty on Ike … penalty on Clayton.

21. Fumble forward … I called it before Michaels did.

22. Ravens Missed FG … we go to OT.

23. Collinsworth makes sense yet again (that makes twice in his whole lifetime now) … the Steelers must get back to establishing the run.

24. And of course on a 2nd and 6 Arians calls a deep pass. Why go deep there? Now its 3rd and 6 and you’ve put your 3rd strig QB in an obvious passing situation.

25. Dang … you had to figure it would end that way.

26. Sloppy, sloppy game. Bad tackling, too many penalties, special teams … the Steelers are not flaming out in spectacular fashion as they did in 2006. This time they are just falling short time and again.

11-30-2009, 09:23 AM
Agreed... Dixon did look good after the inital nervous 3 and out! I'd like to see him as our 2nd string QB next year! Batch is good, but he never could have run that TD in like Dixon did!

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11-30-2009, 09:26 AM
2. The plan should be obvious: keep it close until the fourth quarter and hope to get lucky.

Good idea in theory...trouble is the defense can't hold a lead in a close game this year.